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10-24-2004, 07:06 PM
Robert Chrich has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

10-24-2004, 07:24 PM
K what I'm thinking Is some kind of battlefield. Where you can see blasts coming in from space in the background and a crater just to the left of the camera. K now something in Armies that is incredibly important is Morale. If your soldiers lose the will to fight you lose, its over. So what I was thinking is in the future people will try to keep their own species away from the battlefield because robots can be replaced and rebuilt (it just makes sense). So with this in hindsight I want three mechs to be running out of this crater The one in front (the obvious commander) Is charging out with his sword raised sort of salute or a kind battlecry stance.The second guy will be carrying some kind of large futuristic Rifle. The third guy will have a flag strapped to his back and a softof smaller assault rifle then above these guys will be lots of flying mechs flying towards the direction the main commander Mech is charging.I also want it to be that you cant really see where the commander is looking to bring some kind of mystery. I want it to be sortof daylight but as battles kick up ALOT of dust it will have to be quite dark.

I will try to submit a concept sketch tomorrow but as I cant really draw for **** I will have to try make up for this with my 3d work.

10-25-2004, 07:35 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098732948_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098732948_large.jpg)

I dont have acess to a scanner so I will probably go to a internet cafe this weekend just to scan and submit my concept sketch (It really is a doodle and nothing special) BUT I have made this guy (1 sleepless night later) and I Also made a variation and I dont know which I prefer so pls leave me with some opinions and I have submited quite a few shots of him :)

10-25-2004, 07:39 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733182_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733182_large.jpg)

Shot 2 of 6

10-25-2004, 07:46 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733595_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733595_large.jpg)

Shot 3 of 6

10-25-2004, 07:49 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733784_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733784_large.jpg)

Shot 4 of 6

10-25-2004, 07:51 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733859_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098733859_large.jpg)

Shot 5 of 6

10-25-2004, 07:54 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098734051_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098734051_large.jpg)

Shot 6 of 6

I think it is fairly obvious that I'm drawing my inspiration from the gundam style mech but you can also see that this design is original and if you read the second thread you will see how this ties into my theme. Also what do you think wings or no wings?

10-25-2004, 07:57 PM
I know at this point the hands suck but when I put him in a pose I will fix them.
Any opinions Are greatly appreciated.

10-25-2004, 08:01 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098734492_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098734492_large.jpg)

Sorry I forgot to include a shot of his head

10-25-2004, 08:10 PM
Main problem i see with them is they look like typical gundam mech - there are so many other possible sources of inspiration for mechs, even in real world (just an examples: assault helicopters, demolition equipment, medieval armours, etc....), so why limit yourself to the gundam-style ?
Besides, the model is looking soft (lack of harder edges), which leads to plastic, toy impression...

10-25-2004, 08:15 PM
Thanks for that azazel I was getting worried when no-one was posting.

I will work on giving him harder edges and I will try to kill the shiny plastic look :)

I want to keep him as a gundamn style mech cause I still have to design 3 others and I want each one to be different.Thanks though I hadent thought of just drawiing inspiration form real world things and I will lokk into it for the others :)

What do you think of the wings?

10-25-2004, 08:33 PM
Good luck and go for it bro... SOUTH AFRICA RULZ BABY YA! ! ! ! !

cut down on the spec, it looks like plastic/bubblegum,
i agree with azazel need defined edges
ALSO CONCEPT PLZ so we can help u more :P

10-25-2004, 08:34 PM
Looks more menacing with wings, so maybe keep them. One more thing, look closely at the joints (elbows, knees, etc) - check if they can bend properly, now it seems you'd have some problems with that. Good rule to follow with mechanical stuff is that every moving part is a separate object (arm, forearm, hand etc.). That way you can quickly pose your mech by just rotating the proper objects.

10-25-2004, 09:06 PM
Along the lines of what azazel is saying, your robots don't need to be humanoid (bipedal). I know that gundam/robotech style mechs are cool (particularly Five Star Stories mechs.. they're awesomely detailed!) but robots, especially for battle. Look at tanks and helicopters then compare them to construction machines and so on,.. think functional before fashionable. The military builds things that work, period, they don't really care how pretty they are, robots would be no different. Now, that doesn't mean you can't stylize them, but for example, there probably wouldn't be a commander droid, the directives would probably be broadcast to all soldiers due to the distance between them (space is vast) and speed.

I hope I contributed something useful!


10-26-2004, 06:51 PM
Thanks for all the comments all and I will work on the things that you suggest.
Sorry I dont have anything to show today but between my job (as an animator) and my studies (as an animator) I'm struggling a bit for time but I will dedicate some time tonight to submit one of my other meches tommorow night.
Any comments are greatly appreciated



10-26-2004, 07:33 PM
where do u work and where do u study????

10-27-2004, 07:39 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098905964_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098905964_large.jpg)

I have included info as this IS a work in progress comp and this is just to illustrate an idea

10-27-2004, 07:51 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098906707_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/7/4735/4735_1098906707_large.jpg)

shot of the ground on which these guys will be standing :)

10-27-2004, 07:52 PM
shot of the ground on which these guys will be standing :)
I'm very sorry cgtalk I did not mean to submit the same pic twice pls delete on of them
Rhyderkey check your mail :)

10-28-2004, 08:44 PM
I've been thinking about my idea and to be honest I think its a little Clique. Ok ok its clique so I've been thinking about something a little more evocative.

Well this is my idea

Earth has been attacked and whats left of earth is in shambles. Whats left of the human race is running with its tail between its legs to any habitable planet.
Now my idea for my still is a little depressing but Its what I came up with. You have a little girl very clearly dead lying down faceing to her left staring at nothing in her cold dead strikily blue eyes, her chest is facing upward. Her left hand still clutching her dolly, her right hand is stretched out towards another hand of a human you cant see. The hand she is streching to is feminine. A puppy is standing by her hand licking it like it wants to play with its old mate with its eyes staring at you the observer with hope in her eyes. The ground by her shoulder is caked with blood as is her dolly. The ground will be a sandy. Her little dress is completly unstained except for dirt. Her hands will be dirty but the rest of her body will be clean.

What do you think? If you prefer my previous idea or this one please will you mention I'd really appreciate any opinions.

Thank you

11-01-2004, 05:37 PM
I really cant decide which Idea is more epic and thus I dont know which one to work on so could someone pls give me a opinion of which they think will better so that I can post images of one of them. I dont have the time to work on both so pls could someone tell me which is better

11-01-2004, 06:44 PM
OK, first and foremost, what is "Epic" about idea No.2, its a image that will have all of impact and will make ppl stand back and go "Hmmm" but its not epic and thats what this Comp is about an "Epic" image, but that is only my thoughts

11-04-2004, 06:43 PM
Thanks Rhyder

Well Idea no-1 it is. Well things are going slow as we have just started doing a music video at work so Im not going to really find time to work on this (I have MANY sleepless nights to look forward to). Sorry to any1 take an interest in this post but I wont be able to stick an image up for about a month :(

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