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10-08-2004, 10:11 PM
I typed out this whole thing and pressed preview and *poof*. Then I freaked out and pressed back/forward and closed some windows to free up ram and *poof* there goes photoshop, didnt save my dragon. (typing this twice feels so soulless)

Ive noticed at least 2 other 20-somethings-who-havent-drawn-since-highschool so it seems I wont be coming from a very respected context.

My graphics tabled died on me just before I started drawing this, and my mouse's sensitivity is crap to say the least. I used to be the best person my age I knew at sketching (not that I knew many people), but I went the direction of programming and havent touched a pencil since. So its been at least 7 years since I drew seriously. Im having a little trouble summoning that same harsh criticism I had for myself when I was younger that really helped me to improve (actually im frikkin pleased, after 7 years, wow!), so Id appreciate if you could fill in for me ;-)

I was messing around with the liquid plugin in photoshop and I saw something that looked like boobs so I just had to finish the rest of her ;-) Well I decided to not force any shape and to sortof flow with the curves of the liquid, she ended up backwards and a bit deformed but I like it that way, it feels more free.

Ignore the incorrect lighting and the actual structure, what I need help on is the tones. Im unable to achieve that kind of colour bleeding I get with a nice soft pencil. Ive tried dodge & burn, soft brushes and even a completely unintuitive techinique that I gather alot of you use, which is to use a hard brash with very little opacity and just draw over the same area repeatedly with different colours. Although this almost worked, it seems ridiculously inneficient for something so simple. There must be a better way?

I dont have the psd of this picture anymore, but heres a zoomed in older version. The picture was drawn at the size you see above from the start so there isnt much more detail to see. I hope you can see my problem with soft tones? I want *really* soft stuff, like a babies cheek.


10-09-2004, 08:24 PM
When I submitted this I had to wait until it was accepted before I could add this edit:
I also have a problem with blurry images, how do you fix it once its there? But better yet, how do you avoid it in the first place?

Photoshop is so lame compared to paper ;-/

10-09-2004, 08:34 PM
Ah this is it, these are the tones I want. How do i do it in ps? Is there an airbrush somewhere?

Should I just make the pic really big and use a faded brush?


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