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09-16-2004, 09:47 AM
Working on basically a level for unreal with the concept of two opposing egyptian temples. One worships Ra, the other Anubis. Basically other than the fact that it's egypt, everything is pretty much kinda Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six 3 inspired. The character for the Anubis team is basically decked out in standard SWAT gear with an Anubis(dog) gas mask. My character is the Princess leading the Ra side. So I tried to not go full on SWAT and incorporate some more egyptian influence. The shoulder pads will actually be feathers and based on actual egyptian attire. The mask is basically a skull cap with goggles and a beak enveloping the nose, connected are 2 hoses that lead to her back pack. I'm thinking of adding an oxygen tank to the pack to make it make alittle more sense.
C&C welcomed and appreciated.

09-17-2004, 08:34 AM

quick question.
why are they all wearing gas masks?
model looks fine but hard to say without wires.

oh, there is an edge that needs to be turned on his knee pad.


09-17-2004, 08:45 AM
lol, i have no idea why they are wearing gas masks... i think it was our way of bringing the iconology of the gods into the costumes just 'cause it sounded cool. And I'll post wires soon.

09-17-2004, 03:46 PM
1) shoulders are too wide and high, especially for a female character - pull in teh shoulders and the rib-cage and lats will follow.

2) having the hands bent in that far will make the model deform poorly, especially the hand that is reached out holding the gun barrel.

3) the lower legs are supposed to be slightly arched outward, instead of inward (in the front and back views) - has to do with the way the bones twist around before reaching the ankle.

4) deltoids are too exaggerated, especially with the model-stick-thin biceps.

5) waist is too thin. armor does not usually expose the stomach as it houses vital organs!

6) crotch is too wide

7) pants material is a little ambiguous - the thighs are thin but rough, which leads me to believe they are baggy, but if so, they should be larger. however, the pants are very close fitting around the hips, which doesn't mesh with the material on the thighs.

8) i like the exaggerated feet, very Joe-Mad :) however, none of the rest of the model suits that style, so you should decide on one or the other!

9) the detail-to-poly ratio of the wires/cable between the backpack and head isn't so hot - if the model doesn't really need it, then you could use those polys to add some more definition to the pants or gasmask.

09-17-2004, 05:34 PM
adam, thx for the nice crits:
1.-4. I will definitely work on.
5. I know the armor should protect more but I was trying to be a bit stylistic with it
6. your right
7. ya i wanted the pants to be baggy yet still give some since of feminity to her. I felt like with the full mask and the armor, people are having a hard time knowing its a woman.. i'll try to work on that
8. Yeah for some reason I kept having the feet large. I do love Joe Mad though. I'll see what I end up doing about bringing the style in more or removing it.
9. I wasnt sure if I wanted to have the wires in just texture or mesh, ill look into that as well.

thx again, ill post an update soon.

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