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08-13-2004, 01:07 PM
Hi,I'm looking for a quadro right now and probably I'll buy the 700 fx or maybe the 1100 fx...not sure yet...but...
I've read thousands of posts and reviews and I have to admit I'm a little scared.
People who never got it working
incompatibilities with several motherboards
fried chips because of inadecuated voltages
drivers that never recognized them as quadros...
woooaaa too much for me.
We are talking here about a lot of money.....
So,here's my question:
I own a p4 2.200
1gb ram 266
msi pt-8 neo-v motherboard
maxtor s-ata hdd
400 w power supply
Do you people think any of these components would be incompatible with the quadro?
what percentage of success do I have?

08-13-2004, 03:51 PM
P4s are power hungry little chips, but you don't have a 3ghz chip or anything, so it probably doesn't draw that much power from your power supply. And a 400 watt power supply is a big power supply. If you were running six hard drives, then Iíd tell you to be wary, but not with the hardware you have.

I'm not sure how people managed some of those problems, a computer will more likely not boot with bad hardware, rather than fry anything.

The incompatibility problem isnít something that you have to worry about. A 700XGL is identical to an Nvidia GeForce 4. Iím not sure what chipset the 1100 is based on, probably the FX line. But with your MSI board, that is a very new board, so the chances of your motherboard having a problem with either of those cards is almost nonexistent.

I have a 980XGL on an Asus board. It installed perfectly and works wonderfullyÖ Iím upgrading in a little bit to a GeForce 6800Ö thatís the problem with working on games, you need a fast video card for all the new games ;)

But to be honest, I seriously donít think that with your setup, you will have any problem at all. Those problems that other people were having baffle me. I wouldnít pay them any mind, buy a Quadro, they are fantastic =)

08-13-2004, 04:04 PM
I've got a 750XGL and I love it. Its been rock solid for me for the last two years. Haven't had any driver issues.

I think some of the problems your reading about from other peeps could have to do with say modding their cards, using "aftermarket" drivers, overclocking, softmodding, ect... thats just a guess though, just search some of the overclocker forums and you'll read about all the problems you just described...

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