View Full Version : Is it possible to make Instance Geometry Collide With Each Other???

08-05-2004, 04:48 PM
OK, here is my question. I have a Curve Flow throwing out particles down a curve. I have the particles replaced with various pieces of geometry. I have the particles nicely randomly rotating with PP scripting, but they are interpenetrating with each other. How can I get the particle replacement geometry to collide with the other replaced geometry in the Flow?

Thanks in advance for any info you could share.

08-07-2004, 11:26 PM
yup it is possible. the basic jist of it is to create a radial field, and then make your particles be the source of the field (this should be in the dynamics>fields tabs). and then just play around with the radial fields settings.

i hope this helped.:thumbsup:

08-09-2004, 08:10 AM
of course like that you can only have instanced spheres collide with each other.
all else will look very strange..

afaik there is no real click and go way to make that work..



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