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07-28-2004, 04:25 PM
This is a Two Parter.

1) If I don't know cloth, but want a nice cloth shirt on a character, would it be less hastle/look better to A) Spend a bunch of time learning bassic cloth stuff and doing it myself or B) Find a cloth guru to set it up for me (in exchange for a nice looking piece for their reel once it's done and my undying gratitude) or C) Give up, give him tighter clothes and use geometry.

2) If your answer is B, do you have any interest in doing a baggy, black and white/gray/silver, old fassioned looking shirt for a black jester? (see my wip, the body will be along in a week or two)
This seems like it'd be good practice for someone who wants to fool around with cloth, but doesn't feel like doing a whole guy. The character that this is for is going to be the focus of my thesis, and therefor by the end of the college year I should have some nifty animation with him that I'd provide fopr your reel (provided a credit), and of course I'd credit you in mine, with contact info at least until it becomes a footnote in my reel sometime years from now ;-)


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