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mr Bob
07-17-2004, 10:27 PM
as a long time prof xsi user , im finding the mat lib set up and work flow a complete mess and to be honest more fustrating than u can imagine , im using lots of imported models and passes , and re using scenes etc and the default mat lib just gets bigger and bigger , slowing xsi right down ....and all im wanting to do is use groups ala the old style i dont want this rubbish mat lib , that doesnt even work correctly ... try going in and deleting all the different materials !!i somehow ended up with 700 odd materials the whole 'new' work flow is not exactly explained at all anywhere, and the docs are soooo poor in this area ....

so can someone explain just how this new system is supposed to work ..... because its not doing it for me....


07-18-2004, 03:16 PM

I agree that the matlib is quite unfinished at the moment, like many other new things in v4.

To answer your problem, I'd create an individual library for each of my models, so the default library doesn't get expanded each time I import something. Also, naming material is VERY important, because it will allow you to retrieve them more easily in the library in case things get messed.


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