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07-12-2004, 04:09 PM
Hi there!

here is a matte paint I did last week as reference for the cinematic I work on,
hope you'll like it :)


07-12-2004, 05:25 PM
Nice Work! :wip: I love the lighting! :beer:

07-12-2004, 08:26 PM
You're really, really good DuDe. I love your work.
Keep going.
Bye **

07-12-2004, 09:31 PM
superbe, j adore lambiance

07-12-2004, 09:52 PM
thats great!! the lighting and mood is super-duper! the cloth looks great too! i find the rope to look a little strange (if it is supposed to be rope)

p.s. do they need anyone at ubisoft? (i live just down the street)

07-12-2004, 10:01 PM
nice man!

i like the emotion you reach with this image :)

keep going

07-13-2004, 01:09 PM
like this mood :)

07-13-2004, 01:13 PM
happy that you like it , yes my goal was to be evocative, It is not a Car, not a cell, not a super realistic digital camera with GI... but a Mood !
cheers! :)

07-13-2004, 01:42 PM
I love this image! the mood and anything...
good work

07-13-2004, 04:22 PM
___:bounce: :bounce: ___
_:applause: :applause: :applause:_

07-13-2004, 05:14 PM
There is a good work , it ambient look so dense , I can almost hear some hidden rats and feel the wood smell .

07-18-2004, 03:34 PM
I love the lighting.

07-18-2004, 11:52 PM
c'est vraiment chouette, bravo!!!!
nice work :thumbsup:

07-19-2004, 12:33 AM
:thumbsup: Remove me a doubt, it's not full 3D, is it ?
Really cool !

07-19-2004, 08:33 AM
El Rafo,

your work is great. :thumbsup: Can you tell us how the image was made, please? Which software or technique did you use?


07-19-2004, 11:09 AM
Whow! Very, very nice! There is but one thing that struck me as odd: The second hatchway, the one that can be seen completely, has some strange streaks of light on the upper edge. They don't look as if their origin was the holes of the hatchway or another source that lies outside of the image, but as if the wood was translucent and they occurred somewhere in mid-air. Maybe you could fit them into the grating? But this is the only critique I have. Superb picture!

07-19-2004, 07:59 PM
Beautiful! The only thing that jumped out at me was that the foreground light hitting the floor is a little too hot.

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