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06-29-2004, 09:32 PM
So in the grand process of working my way through XSI's modelling and tutorial I've come to the Texture UV editor - and part of me is loving it. The range of tools, the very helpful assorted projection types, the excellent snap and so forth are all superb.

The part of me that looks at the non welded but stuck together UV's is tearing his hair out in frustration. Its made moving vertices around frequently difficult - and occasionally mistakes like working in a small area (I have loads of different bunches of UVs for a games model) and realising I've been effecting vertices on another now messed up section.

I know that working at a vertex level with M+shift helps - but even so...:

a) Is XSI's unusual method of linking UV's together really seen as a good thing by the vast majority of its users?

b) Can anyone recommend a few tips/workarounds to make transfering from max that bit easier?

Cheers :)

06-29-2004, 09:57 PM
vertex bleeding: lovely and fire&forget, but because you often forget about it fairly dangerous
shifting a move: great for doing quick things but will make your knuckle bleed after a while (I already submitted a suggestion to make the caps lock affect some windows' behaviors)
proportional set to 0.001: max behavior but with an easier life when splitting.

as for me, I'm so used to working with it, and I so love the visual improvments, that the drawbacks (because it admittedly has quite a few) don't weight at all on my workflow.

one note about proportional:
samples are located in a 2D UV space, it's scale is defined by the picture, and the picture defines the 0,0|1,1 surface.
this means that proportional has to be set with that in mind AND NOT with scene units in mind, those make no sense in what is fundamentally an overlay on top of a raster space like the TE.

06-30-2004, 07:03 AM
Cheers - and you're right - the proportional method seems to work a lot better.

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