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04-08-2004, 04:24 PM
Le-chuan Wu has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.

04-08-2004, 05:52 PM
Hi everybody!
I'v just found out there stands such kind of challenge contests :blush:

i'm a new guy from China.

Just wanna take part in, have a practice, learn something throught it.

i've got a thought, and drew some sketches down the paper. but i've got no scanner, so i can't just post those pix right now. :cry:
as a rule or as a wish, i'll manager to post my sketchs sooner r later.

what come in my mind is a tiny mobie chip naturalized into skins. not only a mobile but also a fashion styled adorn. the system contains several parts, i think. and some parts r optional.
there i've got 6 parts at present.

the phone in the earlobe,

the microphone beside thr corner of the mouth,

the battery, but still haven't decide where it goes, maybe cheek?

the AI translator (optional), available if u pay additionally :P, so it would be easy to communicate to foreigners, right?

the Iris Laser screen (optional), when available u will be able to see images from your pal during your call.

the control pannel inside your fingers, with some hidden buttons, also optional. as u take it, more controls will available, details r still not clear at present :(

but i'm sure all these parts are conjuncted throught nerves but not lines and cables. and basic functionalities are directly controlled by human brain. emmm, i'm hezitating wheather we need that battery module.

ok. that's all that i've got in my mind by the time. and there comes a problem, i never model a human face b4 :cry:
seems there's no time to waste, let's XSI our stuffs :P

good luck to everybody.


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