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03-18-2004, 03:39 PM
Hi everyone.

I just finished texture work of one of my characters that I previously made. I hope you like it...
and feedback, comment are welcome...


03-18-2004, 04:05 PM
...Nice ...very nice...!!!......how long did it take you to do that?
What school did you go to?

03-18-2004, 04:07 PM
Wow ,good work Man (no great)....
Good job, keep up the good work...man.


03-18-2004, 05:53 PM
Good start but can use some tweaks. Most noticable is her eyes. Maybe rework the eye texture to get a more realistic look. Some people even model the seperate parts of the eye. Also she is missing the indent on the top of her lips below her nose, which everyone has. Skin texture is looking good, the lips can use a little more bump.

03-18-2004, 09:01 PM
this is really pretty good. I especially like your light and shadow colors. I also think the textures are looking pretty decent. the problems I see are:

too much specular on the nose there, or too hard anyway.

not enough detail in the forehead area -- it looks kind of like a flat shade

like atom_up said, the lips need more definition, especially around the rim of the top lip. it bleeds too much into the skin and isn't distinct enough.

and the eyes bother me. the textures around them seem unfinished, and the basic proportions of the model itself also seem off. I think the eyes may be a little bit too large and start to wrap around the side of the face more than they should.

things to look into, anyway. keep up the good work.

03-18-2004, 10:52 PM
nice model :D

got one thing to comment, even though you could spend
hours n hours tweeking this model. the main thing that
makes the girl look wierd for me is the eye sockets.
look at pictures of people. their eye sockets are actually
way deeper into their head. asian people got eye sockets
that's not so deep though. not sure what you where aiming
for here. maybe something in the middle would look right?

anyways. nice model and a really good start :thumbsup:

03-18-2004, 11:21 PM
very nice...she got a body? and how did yo make the skin texture? or if you didn't make it where'd you get it?

03-19-2004, 04:59 AM
looks pretty good!
nice modeling, but textureing and shading need to work omre.
keep up dating

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