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07-06-2002, 05:18 AM
While watching my Desktop Images Training DVD on Lightwave 7 I realized why I could use a 2nd monitor. So I went and took an ancient 17" monitor off an old computer and hooked it up to my Quadro DCC, then DLed and read the nView tutorial and wouldn't ya know....nview didn't exist when I dumped a grand on this card. I figured I should buy a PCI video card and go from there.....wait, nope cant do that.

On an Asus MP board I only have (3) 32 bit PCI slots currently occupied by a NIC, a Scsi card and the damn USB card that came with it b/c ASUS rushed the product to the market. Of course I could get a 64 bit NIC car or a 64 bit scsi card and end this toruture or I could buy a 900XGL.

To be honest I feel like burning all my nVidia products and buying a Radeon 8500. Even as I type this I feel immature and whiny but to all of you building a system now beware....

Softquadro and MX G4s and used G3 Ti's aren't saving you as much money as you think. You will still spend another 75-100us on a PCI card to obtain that second display. Taking this into consideration, it is far cheaper to consider a Ti4200 or a Radeon 8500.

Then again, Im told there is an G2 MX with nview.....damn nvidia.:bounce:

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