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01-17-2004, 05:49 AM
A little background on the project:
Thus far the team is made up of 2 people who have worked on the shell of the game for the past several months. One an experienced MMO developer who has worked at Sony Online on some well known titles; in charge of: server, net code, and is leading the team. I myself am in charge of the client/graphics engine.

The game is being built from the ground up; we have made our own engine. We are working from detail creative design documents. We currently have a simple engine and server working. Ships move around, no content yet. At this point we are in need of 2d/texture artists and 3d modelers. This game will cater to both the power game and casual gamer alike.

This is currently a non-paying position, although we're holding out hope for future funding. We have an original game design along with experienced developers - this is a realistic future expectation. Benefits to be gained are: working with a game team (experience), you will have a finished game that will look good on a resume, and other learning to be gained though this experience. If money is being made the artist will be compensated fairly.

We currently have a fairly talented modeler in mind, but we would need some one to create textures for him. We are looking for artists who can do 2d and/or 3d work for the game (requirements below).

Requirements for 3d artists:
- All models need to be in a .3ds format
- Ships will need to be between 400-900 faces
- Ships need to have uv texture coordinate maps (unwraped not a built in map)
- We will have 40+ total ships needed to be modeled, 4 different races (ships in a race should have a similar look)
- Being able to textures is a bonus

2d Artists responsibility (not all are required)
- Create textures for ships (3d modelers can give an image that shows how the texture is mapped out (http://www.mines.edu/students/m/mskowron/wire-ship.jpg) an image that shows how the texture is mapped out </A> or map the texture based on a texture being made).
- Create nebular stuff (galaxies, nebulas, cool space stuff)
- Explosion textures (animated?)
- Create planet textures
- GUI buttons (we have a system created we just need to make it look good).

Features the engine has that artists can use to make their work look good in game
-Dot 3 bump mapping
-Environment mapping
-Reflective and transparent materials
-Secular lighting
-Per-pixel and per-vertex lighting
-Particle engine
-Lens flairs
-In-game rotation engine

If you have any interest, email me at mskowron@mines.edu. If you have any question or comments reply or email me.

The demo can be downloaded Here (
: (you need the xvid codec)
Screenshots are below

http://www.mines.edu/students/m/mskowron/p1.jpg http://www.mines.edu/students/m/mskowron/p2.jpg

01-20-2004, 06:02 PM
Hi, I'm a textureArtist/Modeler interested in your project
I am just looking to make some good pieces to place in my portfolio + meet some friends who like to make games

here is the link to my portfolio:

contact me via a reply to this post..or e-mail me directly at:


James Croley

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