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01-16-2004, 06:20 PM
Hi there,
My name is Aurore. I am a digital compositor.
I have always wanted to make a short with Astro Boy doing battle with a giant robot.
As I am now between projects and in need of a demo reel (as most everyone else is) I felt it was high time I got it going.
Problem is, I am not an animator. I can animate, I am just darned slow at it, and not the best there is.
I am however a darned fine compositor and so it is my hope that I can find one or two individuals who wish to share a demo reel with me.
having a cool reel is everyone's goal, and if they only have to contribute 1/4 of the work to get it, all the better.

The Astro Boy model has already been made, and is presently being refined (my modeling skills are kind of junior) by a collegue, and another person is building the villain/ giant robot for Atom to fight.
I need an animator, hopefully someone who can not only seriously commit to the project, but really care about bringing Astro Boy to life with movement that is not only faithful (at the least) to the original Astro Boy cartoons, but exciting as well.
My job is the compositing and addition of VFX, where Astro Boy and his adversary create damage to the surrounding architecture around them during their battle, as there will be live action video integrated with the CG work, bringing with it some realism.
I have an extremely talented storyboard artist prepared to board out a short but exciting set of scenes, so it is really just an animator left.
the final reel will have full music and sound added professionally at my cost, and every person who has worked on it will receive a DVD with the final sequence completed, so they can edit their own reel as they choose, including the final work. the only stipulation is that everyone's individual reel must include full credit to all who worked on it.
running time of the short will be around 1 minute at most.

I use Digital Fusion for compositing, and Lightwave for VFX work.
Astro Boy is modeled in LW, and it is my hope we can secure an animator who uses LW for thier work.
If an animator prefers another platform, I am fine with this, however the final work needs to be exported into LW for me to do my end of the project, so as long as this can be done, it's ok with me.

Anyone interested?
thanks for looking.
a sample of my compositing work can be seen here:


01-16-2004, 08:06 PM
Very interested, if you could pm me with your MSN, or AIM or ICQ that would be great.

elfling bard
01-17-2004, 01:52 PM
Hi Aurore...my name is Francois Jolin. I am a young composer from Montreal. I have compose and produce in different fields such as film, web, multimedia and theater.
I would like to offer you my services in composition and production of music for the production of the reel.
You can hear some examples of my work on my site : http://eonsounds.tripod.com

Best Regards

01-17-2004, 08:04 PM
hey there ,i would love to help out with this ,especially because i have to work on my portfolio. You can check out a few of my animations and one model that i did.id much rather prefer animation though. http://osadkid.bravepages.com/ if it gives u shit ,then just go back another day ,ok? and hopefully my site will be up soon http://www.cgplanet.tk/ .Pm me or email me at osadkid@37.com and then we can talk more.
Peace out ,
Daniel Osadtsuk ,Toronto ,Ontario ,Canada

01-20-2004, 09:32 PM
what a great week.
i do beleive we have our animator, his work is quite outstanding.
the first test he did was done lightning fast, and captured the feel of tetsuan atom very well.
the giant robot is still undergoing modeling, and i am finalizing the shots. a board and animatic aren't too far off.
if all goes well, we should be underway soon.
thanks to everyone who wrote in, and if there is still anyone interested in taking part, feel free to contact me, as you never know whether or not things might change, or specific needs arise suddenly.

01-25-2004, 06:14 PM
We're off and running...

Storyboard is being prepared starting today, to be followed by the animatic.

Animation tests look excellent, and everyone is happy with the story.
Our pipeline allows for animation in Maya and import back into Lightwave for vfx work.

We could use a top texture artist for surfacing the giant robot that Astro Boy battles, so if there is anyone out there with superb talent in this area, please get back to me.

andromeda underscore girl at hot mail dot com


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