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03-29-2012, 11:33 PM
Hi Everyone

I frequently find myself painting a few vertex maps on an object, just to discover that the combined value of points exceeds 100%, leading to undesired, "washed out" results. If you've got more than 2 maps effecting the same points, this can become quite a problem, especially if the values are faded.

So I've made this little Xpresso object that will calculate the relation between up to 10 vertex maps and clamp the sum of their values to 100%, keeping the relation between them in tact. It will then transfer these values to other specified vertex maps (I don't know how to tell C4D to generate new maps yet, so you'll have to create the resulting maps before activating the the object - sorry 'bout that)

The file contains a null object called "100% Vertex Maker" which has the following user data fields:
Activate: This is more of a protective function to prevent changing a map accidently dragged to a wrong field. It's a boolean which will simply enable or disable the Xpresso script. Keep it inactive untill you've specified the input and output tags and the "Number of Tags" field.
Number of Tags: This value is of extreme importance to the calculation. The value of this field must correlate to both the number of input and output Maps you intend to include in the calculation.
10xRAW Vertex: These are link fields to the tags of the input maps
10xGenerated Vertex: These are link fields to the tags of the output maps

I hope someone will find this useful

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03-29-2012, 11:33 PM
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