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10 Characters to rig and animate for 22 seconds in a little under 3 weeks. We quickly started by designing the characters based on the original hero design provided by the agency. We then went off and modeled all 10 unique characters and started rigging them. Midway through the rigging process, the agency decided to keep only 5 unique characters and asked for some changes in their design. We quickly realized that we could not meet the deadline at this pace and went on to rig the main hero in a way it can be easily deformed using controllers to match whatever design the client asks for. We could stretch the wings, neck, pop the eyes, make him fatter, shorter, lengthen the beak, crest, etc....It turned out for the best as these additional controls helped a lot in the animation phase, allowing for squash and stretch. You can also watch the rig demo on our website.
www.caustik.tv/work/tanmia_01 (http://www.caustik.tv/work/tanmia_01)


/ Credits
// Agency / Grey Beirut
// CG & VFX / Caustik

/// Character Design (Hero) / Michel Dani
/// Additional Character Design / Omar Labbad
/// Storyboard / Omar Labbad
/// 3D Modeling / Nadeem Ghanem
/// Character Rigging / Amine Alameddine
/// Character Animation / Nadeem Ghanem & Omar Labbad
/// Shading, Lighting, Rendering / Amine Alameddine
/// Compositing / Amine Alameddine
/// Sound Design (Internal cut) / Amine Alameddine

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