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01-14-2012, 10:40 AM
Here is my Production Rigging video.


I need Freedom and some starting money.
I want to make some basic/nominal rigging projects from home.
Here is my efforts.

:-I have done stretch and squash of cartoon rigging for some other models and it for 8-9 times in total not of infinite twist, but my own thought spine twist with weighted curve i.e. used connection editor for weight to curve and single chain with only jntctrl. Though this is infinite proper infinte stretch i have done for 17-18 times.

:- I have done skinning for 80-90 times .In which most was my certificate group rigging skinning ,though more than half is others skinning..

:- I have done 11-12 tutorials in which i have done game char also whose skinning i have done for 4-5 times which is separate body parts whose eyes i cant do because you know its eyes texture was not there.

:-I have done face GUI blend shapes for 3-4 times.I like it's tongue rigging though i don't know it now.

:- I have done both wire/curve based face rigging .In which tongue based thru set-driven key was not whole successful which i have done 3 times. And other latest wire based I have done 2 times in which some blend shapes were also there.

:- In this video I have not done the eyes and mouth because i can not found that character.Which is mirrored.

:- I have done one time wings.

:- I have tried car and horse for one time each.

:- In this video I have arm rotation values not intact though forearm/elbow all-right.I don't know why because I have used cluster on edge tool for fingers and straight/rotated arm bones. Thought i have done Pole vector error of bendy rigging for game character where some error occurs which though I have forgotten.

:- I have not done leg twisting which i know as you can see.

:- I am not able to do IK-FK thru lot of scripting thru 750MB files.

:- I am not able to do IK-FK of leg and three bones IK-FK legs and hands.

:- I am honest of all about this.


01-14-2012, 11:11 AM
I have made this in 5-1/2 hours whole in one day.

01-14-2012, 11:39 AM
I have not calculated though i have done many more times.

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