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09-18-2011, 09:17 AM
Here is my WIP concept art piece.


09-19-2011, 06:46 AM
You need to tell us what the design is for, and what your intentions are, otherwise we won't know how to help you.

10-11-2011, 02:24 PM
Sorry about the huge delay, I'm new to the forums and when I posted this, I pretty much lost where it went straight away, and only noticed it now due to an email notification of your reply.
This was a design for a military combat 'muscle-suite', think of crysis etc, its a prototype model hence the visible muscle fiber strands, which are tubes comprised of carbon nano-tubes with a ferrite fluid flowing within, the fluid houses trillions of nano-particles that serve certain functions, one of them being to gather and solidify if an electric current is run through them, others are sensors for damage/trauma, they both work in conjunction with one another to absorb and mitigate small arms fire/shrapnel.
The fluid within the strands also houses nano-generators that gather energy from the flow of the ferrite fluid, so the suits functions power themselves through usage, thus there is no need to be tethered or have some sort of bulky power cell/pack.
The suit has other functions as well such as increasing strength and agility tremendously and another function that is the next phase for the suit, an outer layer of translucent carbon nano-tubes, that can cloak the user or for a power saving option mimic the surroundings into a camouflage pattern (Crysis/MGS4 style).

10-13-2011, 05:22 AM
The main issue with your design is that it is weak aesthetically. No amount of logic and science behind the design will matter if the design itself isn't visually appealing. There are basic design principles you need to understand in order to do visually appealing designs that also look credible. Even learning about composition will greatly enhance your design ability, because the principles of composition also apply to design, such as the application of contrast:

Curvature vs. lines and angles
Large shapes vs. small shapes
Simple vs. complex
Dark vs. light
Smooth vs. textured

Even the principles of beauty comes into play for these types of designs. You have to understand how and why specific types of features and shapes will look "cool" or "slick" or "mysterious" or "menacing" and so on, including the psychological effects of hiding certain features, as well exaggerating and idealizing specific features.

I suggest you analyze a large collection of wide-ranging concept designs that appeal to you, and ask yourself why specific design choices at specific spots elicit a particular psychological response from you. For example, when you have a helmet that hides the mouth completely, it creates a stoic, silent look for the person wearing it, because psychologically, it feels like a person without a mouth won't talk too much, or what he says may seem mysterious unemotional. If you hide the eyes completely, a different psychological effect happens, and so on.

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