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After two years of hard work in every minute of my sparetime, its done: A complete tutorial book, written from an 3d artist for 3d artists to share some 3D techniques with the community:


Think of this book as a complete highres 3d model, but described in words, icons and screenshots.

With this book you will get the know how to build a highres 3d model of an Audi R8 in single span Nurbs geometry for still renderings or animation. I created an HD animation with the 3d model of the book. Here are some frames of the animation:



I have used 3ds max for animation, Vue xStream for the whole seaside surrounding and of course Rhinoceros to create the final 3d model of the Audi R8. No HDR images are used, just a real complete 3d scene with a vue athmosphere. Even the clouds are rendered. It took nearly 4 months to render the whole sequence on 20 CPU Cores with 24GB RAM on each machine.

This 3D model is the result, after you have absolved this 624 pages tutorial book - 3D modeling with Rhinoceros. Its available as direct download eBook or as real Book here:

www.ak3d.de (http://www.ak3d.de)

Here is the final tutorial state:



For this still renders I used iRay for the first time and nearly no photoshop. iRay is unbiased and GPU and CPU accelerated. I think this is the future of rendering! Of course without a proper filleted and blended geometry, no renderer can do its job perfectly, so this is why Nurbs modeling was always interesting for me. So I wrote this book to bring the awesome possibilities of Nurbs modeling closer to the 3D Artist that are mainly in the topic of visualisation. Every single chassis part of this model has full depth and every edge is blended with G2 quality. So this model should work for close ups and highres renders, too.

In this complete step by step guide, every single modeling working step is illustrated with a screenshot, the icon of the tool and a description what to do. You will learn a lot while making this tutorial.

Details and order (http://www.ak3d.de/all/3d_car_tutorial_book_animation/)

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