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  1. Remote Collaboration Birds of a Feather
  2. Platform game - modeller
  3. Collaborating on a web series for fun
  4. Looking to Collaborate
  5. 3D animation & sound design videos
  6. LF 3d artist for cars game
  7. The Cyberstone Project
  8. Small team looking for new talented members
  9. 3D Superman Fan Film
  10. Animator: dance steps
  11. Seeking 3D Artists for a horror-adventure game
  12. Join the New Worlds Project Graphics Design Team
  13. Equilibrium MMORPG Seeking Scripters/Artists for Eventual Kickstarter
  14. (Non-Paid) Animator Needed for UDK Project C.O.J.F: Awakening Ep 1
  15. Music/Sound design for your art?
  16. CG Past Challenges (Archives)
  17. Recruiting for multiplayer combat game; Pirate themed.
  18. Project Coexistence looking for team members
  19. 3D Artist needed for MMORPG Project
  20. THE DRIFT needs Texture Artists!
  21. Looking for 2D artist (cartoon) for Multiplayer game that allready in beta.
  22. Breakdown: Awakening - Non-Profit 2D Fighting Game
  23. Terry Pratchett's TROLL BRIDGE needs YOU!
  24. SANEA; The 1000 days Saga.
  25. looking to start a project
  26. 2D character animator for "A Poison Green"
  27. Indie fighting game
  28. [UE4] Need Character + Environment Artists
  29. Looking for 3d modeller
  30. Looking for 2D Concept artist(Anime)
  31. Concept-Artist for Animation Short
  32. experimental animation needs rigger & general help
  33. VFX Generalist/Anmation Needed
  34. DeadByte Studios looking for new members
  35. Maya Artists Needed For Collaboration
  36. Looking for 2D Concept artist(Anime)
  37. Imagine Cup Games Competition: Looking for additional team members
  38. PostPanic shout out for SUNDAYS
  39. Iron Cloud - short SF film looking for experienced 3d artist
  40. Short Film collaboration - Flash Artists
  41. Starcraft: Shrouded in Darkness Short movie
  42. Zombiehagen short film looking for roto, compers and more
  43. Waterbending In Real Life - Short Film
  44. Looking for 3d modeler/character artist!
  45. Medieval Fantasy Game Looking for Artists!
  46. Looking for design teams for 6 Separate Game Projects
  47. Hella Games Entertainment Looking For Animator/Concept Artist/Medieval Weapon's Artis
  48. Looking For A Team for A Multi-Genre Shooter
  49. Can you do Dan Glass but with VFX?
  50. Looking for Artists to collaborate on Visual Novel style game
  51. Final Test: Indie game project
  52. Christian game seeking concept artist
  53. Indie game in unity (Sci-fi) looking for artists and modelers
  54. Motion graphics help for live action scene
  55. Jack & Daniel - Full CG Short film
  56. Seeking creative collaborator for a Web based project.
  57. Sidescrolling 2D Zombie Apocalyptic Truck Delivery Game - Looking for 2D artist.
  58. "Alone" - Sci fi live action short film
  59. ElementalShards- A Trading Card Game Looking for art
  60. How To Find Local Help For A 2-D Animated Short Film
  61. Looking For A Team for A Multi-Genre Shooter
  62. Help with character motion
  63. Futuristic racing game
  64. Zero Day - Sci-Fi Short Film
  65. [Post Launch Compensation] The Final Stand looking for 3D Animator!
  66. "Star Fox 64" like Music Video for kid's song
  67. :: Lost Survivor ::
  68. Currently working on a 2.5D fighting game Ascension X
  69. Looking For 2 Teams For 2 New Games
  70. Looking for a 3D artist for an online free game
  71. Halo: Humanity Fan Film
  72. Volunteers needed for animated short film
  73. Help needed to realise this previs
  74. Character Modeler/Sculptor for animated short
  75. Looking For 2 Teams For 2 New Games
  76. Recruiting for multiplayer combat game; Pirate themed.
  77. Need help with creating modular buildings pack - Revenue shared.
  78. Animator and Unity Programmers needed for inde Sci-fi RPG (rev share)
  79. Short 3d animation
  80. LF pixel artists for 2D, Isometric/Top down, Fantasy RPG.
  81. looking to collaborate with designers on graffiti/hip hop themed game
  82. Looking for a 3D/2D artist and animator for our platformer game, set in space
  83. Seeking for 3D modeler/environment
  84. Can anyone help me finish my film?