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  1. 3ds max spline / cuved surface mapping
  2. C4D: Different projection types for different channels?
  3. Mental Ray Layered texture Normal maps issue
  4. Blacksmith 3D, is it worth buying?
  5. tiling problem with Crazybump normal maps
  6. 3dsMax Materials managers
  7. Normals problem - Seam showing
  8. Blend more than 2 materials in 3ds max for vertex painting
  9. Rendering Light's Interplay with Crystalline Structures
  10. change uv-map during a blendshape
  11. Issues with texture stretching
  12. Painting with Mari and using PTex files?
  13. UVunwraping UV's for an Airplane - 3DSMax
  14. How do you texture planets?
  15. Straightening UV's on Airplane
  16. Unwrapping cow´s head
  17. Texture resolutions for buildings and objects
  18. How does 2 objects sharing UV space work?
  19. Webplayer Game_Material Optimization?
  20. Specular maps in Mia_material_x
  21. annyone know whats the problem with this displacement map?
  22. Color by object position??
  23. Procedural scratches in Cinema 4D..
  24. How to use Hair and Fur to make bump map effect?
  25. A New Texture Reference Library
  26. Glass of Liquid in Vray
  27. The LSCM unwrapping algoritm
  28. uv mapping trouble for a novice
  29. uV resolution and Texture in case of animation
  30. how to make a white fur
  31. Uvw unwrap problem
  32. favorite program to paint textures in
  33. Help with Hair (Maya 2011).. color isn't rendering right.
  34. Pro Spec Maps and AO Maps for Faces
  35. How to create a polarized lens for simulation?
  36. Having texture problem
  37. maya paint effects baking?
  38. Seeking Advanced Photo Real Procedural Texturing/Python Mentor(s)
  39. Export texture from object
  40. Normal map projection error
  41. 8192x8192 isn't enough for even half my model?
  42. Texture Opacity
  43. Looking for torch animation (ElectricImage?)
  44. UV Mapping Tech
  45. Maya version of this 3ds Vray cloud shader?
  46. Zbrush eye texturing/exporting problem
  47. Complete Beginner At Transfer Maps
  48. Uv issue when exporting from maya - zbrush - maya
  49. painting in modo vs in zbrush
  50. Free Texture Resource (for the library)
  51. Bad surface scattering with Vray metal
  52. Need a Mentor, Please Read
  53. Glass Table in Vray (Maya)
  54. Need help Realism
  55. Maya Unfolding UVs
  56. bump maps going crazy
  57. Vray glass
  58. Vray, Maya, Mudbox - Displacement Artifacts, Missing Detail
  59. shading
  60. Help- Creating Realism of Fabric In Mental ray
  61. Mental Ray SSS + transparency?
  62. Smooth mess up my UVW's [3ds max]
  63. Light bulb scene
  64. Maya Batch Bake results in Black Textures
  65. error when rendering
  66. extracting normal map
  67. Normal Map Produces Ugly Seams
  68. Texture Entire scene?
  69. Texture and Shade a short film with finished animation
  70. Help - Prismatic Glitter Shader
  71. Maya: Carbon Fiber Shader (how would i relink these?)
  72. Maya Fractal 2d Texture Swim
  73. Texturing large objects whilst keeping close up detail
  74. Bake out Vertex Colour - 3DSMax?
  75. Mental Ray contours around object's transparency?
  76. Want to make motorbike tyres more realistic
  77. MARI: Anomalies in mesh, UVs or texture?
  78. Creation of elevation heightmaps (terrain)
  79. 3DS Max to Mari FBX camera import help
  80. Huge Desert Landscapes - Tips to create a realistic look?
  81. Few Doubts With Displacement Mapping.
  82. subsurface scattering
  83. Bird feather resource Required
  84. Normal seams conundrum
  85. Skin texture for 3d model
  86. 3dmax Alpha material outlined
  87. Mari 1.2 - how to get a transparent layer
  88. UV Layout problem
  89. Some advice on vray distance tex?
  90. rendering Hardware texture
  91. Texture gathering reflective surfaces
  92. New packs of alpha masked people and cars:)
  93. MARI texture quality
  94. Good Texture Resolution for Props?
  95. UV Help needed, UV texture collapsing around mouth and eyes
  96. Black texture issue importing from mudbox to maya.
  97. Please Help WIth Material Trouble
  98. Can you explain how these textures work
  99. Rotate environment in three dimensions
  100. Holographic Foil
  101. Very simple i know but how to to get this kind of result from autocad?
  102. Shave and haircut blue color in render, help!
  103. Mirror UVs - without loosing vertex order
  104. Bitmap not showing
  105. Exported fbx file got corrupted
  106. Mari beginner tutorials
  107. Turned Aluminium "engineturn" texture
  108. How to add more interest to my textures?
  109. check out my space ships!
  110. Strange problems with displacement map!?
  111. Models to texture?
  112. please help - Flex tube texture anyone?
  113. Trouble with Seams in CS6 Extended 3d
  114. Problem merging 2d layer with 3d layer in photoshop cs6, 2d layer always transparent
  115. UV mapping complex forms like airplane noses
  116. UV mapping complex forms like airplane noses
  117. 3DS Max Earth Cloud Mapping
  118. Mari HELP
  119. Texturing Tutorials
  120. Maintain perfect textures on an animated character
  121. How would I do this?
  122. Texture artist career
  123. Hair alphas help please
  124. Textures...Taken from photos or painted from scratch??
  125. Help needed with surfacing
  126. Displacement Maps don't work - Vray
  127. Creating UVs for Mari Challenge Witch Doctor
  128. Solutions for a large number of the same object looking different?
  129. Help with adding textures to a finished character model
  130. Mari - Multiple Objects
  131. 3dmax 2012- 32bit procedural noise/fractal maps acting like 8bit
  132. Selecting UV patches in Mari
  133. Selecting UV patches in Mari
  134. Photo realistic skin. Where to start?
  135. export animated texture, Maya to FBX
  136. Funky Texture Creation
  137. MARI Ideas
  138. Create a Z depth mask from a 2d image
  139. Mari UV problem
  140. Extract animated texture from Geometry?
  141. Map creation
  142. solidFractal issue
  143. Cel Shaded Hair
  144. Texture artist portfolio
  145. Breaking straight edges
  146. How to create a Transparent Material in Maya that make everything transparent behind?
  147. Need help with Normal Maps not displaying properly
  148. Gold coin help - one side dark
  149. On texturing a folding rule
  150. Best way to texture roof?
  151. Making eye textures, how much detail?
  152. [VrayForMaya]Displacement Rendering Subdivision patterns
  153. Sci Fi Corridors / Environments - Size Maps Question
  154. A new texturing plugin for photoshop (grest stuff!)
  155. UV-seams problem? 3Ds max
  156. Mudbox or Z Brush?
  157. 3ds Max Unwrap UVW
  158. Old medal material
  159. Attaching fur to two UV maps
  160. Layerd Texture in Mental Ray
  161. Texturing for games in Unity
  162. Texturing in Maya [HELP]
  163. [VRay/Maya] Foggy/Milky Liquid Shader Help!
  164. Multiple uv sets and add bumpmap to them (issue)
  165. Quick Photoshop Question
  166. Bake normals from one channel to another with rotations?
  167. SCAD Student UV Map Help
  168. Tutorials on baking quality normal maps for games?
  169. UV Mapping help
  170. UVW Unwrap and Inverted faces.
  171. Has anyone had this problem in Mari?
  172. Unwrap UVW in 3dsMax 2013 - something wrong
  173. Texture formats for VFX
  174. Weird problem making texturing impossible...
  175. How do i create terrain for games
  176. Creating SSS shader for CG tentacles
  177. need help with water puddle shader..
  178. Unwrapped UV models needed for practice.
  179. Best way to UVW Unwrap this?
  180. Debugging UDIM tags use in Vray/Maya
  181. am I UVW Unwrapping correctly?
  182. Bump tp normal mapping respecting geometry
  183. Displacement problem in Vray
  184. Mia material with dirt or grime
  185. How to use and setup more than 0,1 texture space in Maya?
  186. ketchup material
  187. 256x256 normal map works better then 2k?
  188. How do I texture a high poly model?
  189. Vray for Maya - Texture Baking?
  190. which setup to unwrap a tree is the best?
  191. Texturing large levels in maya
  192. Outputting high resolution textures
  193. stone texture selection
  194. How to flip a texture to an opposite side of a model 3dCoat or ?
  195. How to create slimy material
  196. Color carbon fiber,
  197. texturing piece coming out of grassground
  198. ARGH! Distortion mapping UV to Nurb/Polygon surface
  199. how to place all uv maps on one snapshot
  200. hand made skin texture tutorials
  201. Help on Texturing Pipeline
  202. Would like some help - need a starting point
  203. Please Help - Texture or Rendering error
  204. newbie: need some guidance with helping to make this fabric in vray 3ds max
  205. [WiP] G36C gun texture
  206. How to make a Chrome material for Vray in MAYA
  207. Mental Ray Rendering error (log attached)
  208. UV sizes (projection?)
  209. UV map issue
  210. Transfering texture from high poly to low poly.
  211. perforated panel with maya+vray.
  212. are there any tutorials on understanding displacement?
  213. 3ds vray hair: multiple opacity maps
  214. Patchy rendering
  215. Baking maps in Topogun.
  216. Evermotion - Tip of the Week. SSS2 and translucency
  217. Corner problem with UV
  218. VRay Displacement Problem
  219. textures not carring over from mac to pc
  220. 2D Game...HOW TO?
  221. Help uvw unwrapping this...please help
  222. Can vray render?
  223. uvw mapping problem
  224. Noob needs UV help!
  225. 3Ds Max MR Reflection Falloff with Slate editor
  226. Vray + Maya + Matte Shadow Problem
  227. vray and black dot problem
  228. Texel density in movies
  229. Xnormal and CrazyBump trouble
  230. [Noobish] On sculpting details vs texturing
  231. Veins 3d
  232. unwrap preserving texture
  233. bake a projection texture
  234. a way to create "curvature map" in 3ds max?
  235. [Project CBR] We search an artist for the textures
  236. Ambient Occlusion map problem (all black :( )
  237. IMF_COPY...Works but still Maya dislikes it.
  238. Metal Textures
  239. Weird bump map problem in XSI...
  240. Texture deformation at edges - ZBRUSH
  241. Which OSX programs support Vray texture baking?
  242. Maya Color Chooser Bug (2013)
  243. [3ds Max] Tree canopy problem with normals
  244. Maya: One UV Map for mutiple objects
  245. HELP.. Displacement Map Problem (MUDBOX/MAYA)
  246. Air mesh fabrics
  247. 3D texture with ramp or file, Maya & VRay
  248. Zbrush to Maya problem
  249. Texture Path Genie 1.0.1 (free script)
  250. V-ray Good Skin tutorial