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  1. Texture becomes blurry in different angles
  2. Unable to project texture properly
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  4. black anisotropic reflection?
  5. Texturing problem in Maya
  6. URGENT !! Normal Map Issue
  7. Need help - Car shading
  8. Pelt Mapping problem
  9. problem: facing ratio+bump
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  11. Racer445's "Pixelated Brush"
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  13. Multilayered texture in 3ds
  14. texturing practice.....in maya.....start
  15. URGENT!! Normal map issue
  16. Vector textures?
  17. help me unwrap a uv nicely in bodypaint.
  18. UV mapping corners
  19. Difficulty With Glass in Maya 2011
  20. ambient occlusion generator
  21. Double-sided problem in VRay
  22. How to texture Game gun Lights
  23. specular exponent map (gloss) & specular map (where can I find good a resource?)
  24. Character normal map issues Zbrush>Maya
  25. Fibre Optics Shader
  26. arch & design
  27. Help! How to use vertex color data as mask in maya?
  28. URGENT Texture problem in maya
  29. Wet concrete texture?
  30. using displacement to emboss text?!?!
  31. 3dsMax UV Editor Problem ASAP
  32. Can I paint a 3D model directly?
  33. Help : Animating a single file texture in Maya
  34. Strange normal map problem with 3ds max & V-ray
  35. General Advice
  36. Ideal Resolution for High Quality Head Mapping
  37. arch & design library?
  38. help: "freezing" 3d textures on objects
  39. Ptex Help Please
  40. Extracting faces in maya causing problem on shader
  41. UV overlapping with normal map in Maya
  42. Uvw wrapping issues
  43. Normal Map and Texture Pipeline Question
  44. Adding downloaded texture to object
  45. dividing uv for single mesh
  46. cloth bump
  47. Computer console Texture or Reference
  48. need some photo references of a f-18 hornet
  49. Question about texturing zbrush many pieces with and without turbosmooth
  50. problem apply a material_ramp in maya 2011(pls note the image)
  51. Is there anyway to create polygon cloud which looks volumetric?
  52. who has ceramic glaze photos?
  53. how to adjust shader of wine?
  54. Realistic rusty skin robot
  55. Transfer attributes multiple Maya
  56. skin texture reference
  57. fabric texture on a characters body
  58. Mental Ray Gold Material Maya
  59. uv layout and streching in mudbox issue
  60. Generic parametric planet map (3ds max)
  61. Crude normal lines after bake
  62. Problem with making LED floor
  63. dusty - semi transparent window, shader, how to??
  64. Stuck with mapping and resolution
  65. Problem rendering transparent shadows with dielectric shader
  66. Cutting issue with UVLayout
  67. Applying Cube Maps in 3ds Max
  68. Preparing skin textures in Photoshop
  69. Finding Good Texture sites
  70. PVC Plastic material problem
  71. Unreals colored specs?
  72. Uv Mapping, Transfer from maya 08 to maya 11
  73. your brushes examples
  74. making real looking bricks for games
  75. UseBackground shader in 3DSMAX?
  76. how to create normal maps for hard surface objects?
  77. test
  78. Need some help UV Mapping
  79. Specialized Texture Software
  80. Starcraft 2 texture size?
  81. brush-painted wall texture source or method?
  82. modern-interior-design
  83. Low Poly Spring using shader?
  84. Difference between Seams and Map Seams
  85. UVW mapping problem,please help!
  86. Plz Help me for Realstick lungs Texturing......
  87. Arch&Design reflection problem
  88. Normal Transfer Map Issues
  89. Texturing Problem
  90. metal texture troubbles
  91. My newly made tutorials
  92. How can I make my model looks like ink wash painting?
  93. Video tutorial for a glass texture with v-ray
  94. vrayDisplacement and different textures
  95. 3dsMax procedural cloth?
  96. Achieving realism into a scene
  97. Please check my video on how to deal with black
  98. headus uvlayout red and blue lines on edges
  99. Tiled Mip Map
  100. Ambient occlusion overlapping
  101. One vs many textures
  102. Problems with file textures
  103. Using procedurals for texturing
  104. UV sets question
  105. Paint on glass with fingers.
  106. Matte/Shadow/Reflections problem (!)
  107. How do you create a 2D Normal (texture) map using Maya or Zbrush?
  108. Problems with Diffuse Mapping
  109. Texturing a creature with lots of maps
  110. Fundamental Material and Texture Application Philosophy
  111. Texturing doubt
  112. paint on multiple meshes with seperate textures?
  113. Texturing using only Photoshop?
  114. Why this Blotchy Normal Map is coming
  115. overwhelmed
  116. Dirt in Flat panel Grooves
  117. group UV shells
  118. Texturing rose
  119. ?Game Asset Normal mapping workflow
  120. is there a way to paint textures in difference EV?
  121. Maya Mia_material help
  122. 2D Looking Characters in Maya
  123. Vray Camera Issue
  124. New Texture Pack from Mexico
  125. Texturing process :(
  126. Brushed metal look
  127. bubble shader
  128. assign 2 different maps in max
  129. Walkthrough - principals of detailmapping
  130. Free seamless textures even for commercial work
  131. Procedural texturing and surfacing resources
  132. 2d grass texture for grass plane?
  133. 3ds max vray materials
  134. Texturing tips? pretty please?
  135. normal map problem
  136. Arroway Textures with MR. How?!
  137. Fur/Grass Baldness Map Problem
  138. Help on wood shader.
  139. Spice texture/ Sand
  140. Animation flickering!?
  141. Max leaf material
  142. Texture prob
  143. Displacement mapping in Maya MR
  144. absolutely free textures
  145. Unwrapping help
  146. Mental Ray Transparent Occlusions Tutorial
  147. Texture Painting on big big things(say Kingkong/Avatar assets)
  148. Camera projection and alpha in Maya
  149. Strange Refactions - What's wrong with this?
  150. Texture when zooming in
  151. Cinema 4D Texturing Help
  152. Best practices for UV unwrapping
  153. Applying textures to instances
  154. looking for a freelancer how knows how to work with 3dlight/compositing
  155. Normal Maps, Hardware vs. Software
  156. Super Street Figher 4 Toon Shading creative Process
  157. Where to find good stock images?
  158. 32 Free Bricks Grass Floor textures for your commercial work
  159. How do you lay out your UV coordinates?
  160. How to create Round Chamfered Edge Normal map detail without baking high poly
  161. Bump Map with Mental Ray Shaders in Maya
  162. Procedural modeling vs. Other Techniques
  163. 29 Free Rock, Ground & Floor Textures for commercial use ( The last pack )
  164. Help with Finalizing the cornea material on a 3d eye
  165. Texturing houses and buildings
  166. TRON wall help
  167. Building a city
  168. Mari Problem
  169. Weapon Texturing For Games
  170. problem getting rid of normal seams
  171. Render Layers Maya 2011
  172. How the ...
  173. BIG Texturing problem HELP!
  174. Floating Objects in render only (Sketchup + Vray)
  175. Texture Painting Question
  176. Ceramic texture question
  177. Texture Bump Maps eclipsing Color Map
  178. Editing PFTrack Geometry Imported to maya help
  179. Exporting point cload out of maya - Rman
  180. How - from clay render to finished still image?
  181. Is there any way to convert a displacement map to a normal map in Modo?
  182. Looking for Book on Texturing
  183. modular pieces w/ diff textures
  184. Any Texture Generators?
  185. Can this be normal mapped?
  186. After I finished the blend shape,there is a serious problem on UV
  187. Automatically Adjusting Texture Value Levels in Respect to a Given Color's HSB Info
  188. Please Help! strange Zbrush Problem I couldn't figure out
  189. 3ds Max 2009 Dissapearing Textures??
  190. Render times keep getting slower
  191. Shapes and textures in Photoshop
  192. New pack of textures, free for commercial work.
  193. How to create this look?
  194. copying uv from one model to another
  195. Done Modeling now what maps to make?
  196. Textrure Stretching
  197. Light Pass Through Object
  198. When is it time to use a light map?
  199. Square texture tileable in every direction?
  200. Game Console Plastic (gamecube controller)
  201. Distorting textures to UV maps
  202. Illuminated display with MR
  203. RhinoVray - Glasscorner: strange refelctions\artefacts
  204. Default New Pack of Free Seamlees Textures for Commercial Use
  205. Displacement Map Tearing
  206. MARI and projection
  207. Copying/Pasting pieces of shading network
  208. 3D Textures at CGTextures.com!
  209. Normal map issue! Bad distortion.
  210. need help animating parts of a texture glow
  211. Tips on making realistic looking glass (light bulb)
  212. April pack of free textures to use for personal and commercial use.
  213. texturing a city!
  214. Can you use the same UV space on symmetrical mesh?
  215. FREE VFX resources texturing & tutorials
  216. Seem in the texture caused by NM
  217. What is the best form of texturing/mapping
  218. SSS - Shadow in Camera
  219. Textures Browser ?
  220. Multiple duplicate shaders problem. Maya
  221. shader to parent
  222. uv texture editor move eges
  223. Always stuck with the uvs
  224. New free HQ pack of trees textures with alpha masks
  225. photoshop patch tool.
  226. New to UV texturing
  227. normal to diffuse converting
  228. Texture Noob in Search of Some Help Please!
  229. What software could you recomend for quick Tile showcasing?
  230. Geometry, Texture & Ringging ( Need Solution )
  231. Problem Pen Tablet
  232. Normal mapping a tree?
  233. Displacement and SSS
  234. Car Headlight Texture Issue
  235. Ncloth ZIGZAG
  236. Help! My UVs keep disappearing!
  237. Mari or Mudbox?
  238. Newbie to maya mudbox workflow - tips?
  239. Using what a camera sees as a texture in maya
  240. Unidirectional Carbon has got me down...
  241. Mari V1.2V1 Keeps crashing
  242. Help figuring out this material
  243. New to texturing
  244. Texturing
  245. Help with Maya 2011 Renderer
  246. Do i need to learn unwrapping after i knew UVMaster Plugin in Zbrush?
  247. Animating texture changes
  248. 1 giant map or many small ones??
  249. [Tutorials] UDK UVW Offsetting
  250. Newbie Q: Eco System Layers: Fish