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  1. help, translucent plastic, glass, texturing and rendering.
  2. How to do such amazing cloud?
  3. Texturing Realistic Soda Can
  4. 3D texture modeling
  5. Problems Creating Bump maps and applying them in maya??? Help ASAP
  6. creating only light reflections and refractions
  7. Shader reflective issues in Mental Ray for Maya
  8. Normal map: noisy to faceted
  9. Looking for displacement/bump maps for adding road wear/dirt to motorbike tyre
  10. how to view your 3dsmax viewports in 4Dimention .. Amazing and simple
  11. Detailed terrain mapping. How?
  12. Organic transparency
  13. felt texture?
  14. Multi-Step Toon Gradation?
  15. NEW 3D Texture extraction software from 2 photos.
  16. Unwrapping a canoe hull advice
  17. My free textures for games
  18. What's wrong with my Normal Maps?
  19. Texture map sources ?
  20. Gnomon SSS
  21. What texture do I have to use?
  22. one basic question about uvs
  23. multiple textures help?
  24. hair alpha problem( getting the transparent gaps between the hair)
  25. Mental Ray and the Layered Shader?
  26. Those Pesky Normal Maps
  27. Game Design - Leaf textures?
  28. Dumbass Question
  29. Help with transfering textures
  30. MR Daylight Texturing Query
  31. why does it be transparent? ı don't want that!
  32. Normal Maps With Software Renders
  33. Texturing Strawberry Jam
  34. Unfold3D Error Message?
  35. Displacement maps, memory issues, how difference 3D programs compare
  36. baking and normal mapping questions
  37. Human reference sites
  38. How to project a texture into bpdypaint?
  39. Assigning texture to one side of single face
  40. UV mapping issues
  41. ambient occlusion map question
  42. UV map a spline
  43. baking textures with 3ds max and unity
  44. SDK Layered texture attr
  45. Make a 2d like fire in Maya?
  46. SSS on open single sided geometry
  47. bodypaint work dissapears
  48. Simple texturing help.
  49. Bump maps on the distance lose their details
  50. Stupid question about texture resolutions....
  51. Types of Texture Maps
  52. Artefacts
  53. problem while fixing seams
  54. Texturing help
  55. Newbie question regarding textures
  56. rendering a normal map in Maya....
  57. How to texture a race track?
  58. Load UVs
  59. Zbrush polypaint problem
  60. Import .PLY?
  61. texture uneven
  62. Realistic Cloth Texture
  63. normal Map issue
  64. How to repeat image/texture on some surface?
  65. Arch & Design Material (3ds Max)
  66. 3ds max composite map uv channel query
  67. Faking textures from reference?
  68. Can I use non standard texture sizes?
  69. Material issue
  70. Texture/Alpha on the Same Map?
  71. Help Please - Material Error
  72. modeling with texturing in mind
  73. UV's & Normal Maps
  74. UV maping & texturing for game, newby questions
  75. Introduction to UV mapping
  76. Transparency maps and eyelashes/hair, help?
  77. why doesn't Chaos group add a map button to fog color
  78. Polygonal modeling & rendering problem
  79. changing particle texture in maya
  80. Transparency in alpha using sss problem
  81. UV mapping complex models
  82. How to make Gun handle Grip
  83. Projecting a video file in Maya
  84. UV mapping headaches are gone.
  85. Help me-Velvet Creation!
  86. Fur issues
  87. Multiple texture maps
  88. 2 Objects - same UVs ?
  89. How to create BUMP & SPECULAR maps?
  90. The next step?
  91. How Do Create Mental Ray Displacement In Maya
  92. AO map doesn't look like my unwrap
  93. Normal Map Seams!! ARRGHHH!!!
  94. "KoddeShader", a Maya CGFX shader
  95. help with a jellyfish
  96. Paint Effect wierd problem...
  97. Please be mean
  98. unwrapping a sphere for texture
  99. Wet Shader
  100. Trouble combining a reflect/refract map with an opacity map in 3ds Max
  101. diffuse map and color map
  102. Problem Adding Makeup/Facepaint Layer ontop os SSS skin in Mental Ray
  103. Seemless texturing software thoughts...
  104. CHrome
  105. Troubleshooting Normal Map on LowPoly Hard Corners
  106. Blend material, Multi/Sub object with opacity map problem, 3DS MAX
  107. Clouds Turn Into Snow? Mental Ray help please!
  108. How to make spec map ?
  109. 32 bits texturing ?
  110. Getting texture to repeat as object scales instead of stretching (Maya)
  111. Lowpoly texturing
  112. Can you help me make this Shader?
  113. mirroring textures with Words on it
  114. 3DS Hair&Fur problem noisy color
  115. Plant/Flower Texture Tools
  116. speed up rendering and reduce noise
  117. Normal stepping and worse
  118. UV mapping problem
  119. Replicating a shader
  120. Strange Seam with SSS
  121. would red colored back scattering loook ok on an african american skin?
  122. Mib bump 2 node question
  123. shamrock
  124. Animated surface extrude and texturing
  125. collapsing bitmaps? :-s
  126. Curv on polygon? 3ds max
  127. Carpet texture...
  128. Brush dynamics, color by direction etc.
  129. the SSS Back scatter weight map
  130. How to create a new atlas map texture?
  131. Problem with Fur and Mental Ray
  132. Reflective shaders in Maya - masking out matte areas?
  133. Texture a playing card within maya
  134. Color Per Vertex help
  135. Blurred Results with Displacement Added to SSS Shader
  136. Fifa 2010 Ball
  137. Displacement map baking
  138. 3ds- Composite Material Issue with MR
  139. Problems with seeing texture mapping on model (Maya 2008)
  140. window texture
  141. Normal Map Help
  142. realistic eye shaders
  143. Eye Issue, please help
  144. ambient occlusion help
  145. UV-set problem with Maxwel renderer 2
  146. How to tile this?
  147. Raytrace Reflection Mapping
  148. One uv map for grouped objects/several objects
  149. Is it common that 3d artists use Auto UV Unwrapper tools?
  150. non-photorealistic rendering
  151. Hdri Libraries
  152. Back-Scattering Pass, Subdermal Pass and Epidermal Pass
  153. UV copy and paste issue maya 2010
  154. How do you guys make UV's for a tree?
  155. sss shader alpha problems
  156. Is there a plugin to merge material shaders?
  157. 3ds Max 2009 Maps Wont show in render, but they do in view port?
  158. max9 flat aluminum panel material
  159. Texture artist employability specs?
  160. Maya beginner- Question - ramp layer and cloud layer on earth model
  161. Texture workflow query
  162. Bump and Spec Maps from Photo
  163. Gummi Bear surface?
  164. Renderman Shader
  165. Render a double sided poly in hardware render?
  166. tanks, but no tanks
  167. Effects on UV by Making Changes to Editable Poly in 3ds Max reversible?
  168. basic uv mapping help needed
  169. new at texturing need a lil help:)
  170. Having trouble with surface reflections on multiple bits of geometry
  171. Invisible texture map in Maya
  172. Wierd/Faceted reflections in mental ray (Softimage 2010)
  173. does your job require an explicit layer naming?
  174. 3Dsmax to UDK Flipped UVW's Problem
  175. (bodypaint) how to disable total layer moving?
  176. How to texture a Rope Modifier
  177. Mix20 Alpha
  178. smooth zooming in bodypaint
  179. Cityscape
  180. pelt mapping on max
  181. Strange problem with displacement map
  182. Anyone had this problem exporting normal maps from Zbrush?
  183. vray of car animations
  184. Low Anisotrophic causing artifacts?
  185. Normal map troubles with Mental Ray
  186. Creating Normal Map in UV coordinates(-1, 0)
  187. Texuring noob > UVW map and mudbox
  188. A little too easy...
  189. Fast Skin Shader (sss) problem in Maya
  190. Problem with Body Paint 3d + 3ds Max
  191. is it important to know painting to be a texturing artist
  192. UV mapping for beginners?
  193. Body Paint - texture preview when painting ?
  194. Ambient Occlusion with Maya miss skin shader
  195. any way to make 1 pixel spaced dots without interpolation (bodypaint)?
  196. Problems with Mesh in Render
  197. Material for Testing Surface Continuity?
  198. my displacement is flicker! HELP ME!
  199. How did you become a better texture artist?
  200. Querrying output color value of file node (MEL)
  201. Basic Texture Applying Questions
  202. Suggestions to improve rust metal shader
  203. How do I make film resolution textures?
  204. UV - perfect vertical/horizontal align
  205. Strange Thing With My Masking?
  206. UV+Ncloth anchoring problem
  207. Glow within a texture
  208. Painting photoreal textures or use images made with a camera?
  209. How do i UV map in blender
  210. Need help with a vertex problem
  211. Detials with ICE Shader in cienma 4D
  212. I have a large environment , I want texture!
  213. Titanium Shader
  214. Need help reproducing this texture
  215. Yes or No do apply texture in ambient.
  216. UV Mapping in the industry
  217. NPR/ Mental ray displacement/motion blur
  218. UV mapping High Poly object
  219. Camera Projection through camera viewport
  220. Texture Seams in maya 2010/2011
  221. UV Mapping groups of objects
  222. Putting reflection on only a part of a diffuse map
  223. Beading droplets of water on a glass surface
  224. maya smoothing problem...
  225. Hand painting textures
  226. ww2 fighter plane control panel -- HELP pls!
  227. MR in Max - Type of material affects ObjID!?
  228. Convert a Normal Map to a grayscale bump
  229. UV mapping issue
  230. Multiple 2D Placement Network
  231. Texturing a shoe.
  232. Stretch texture when meshmooth.
  233. 3DS MAX - How can I overlay a material on top of another?
  234. Animating a 3D model's texture?
  235. Any tutorials for making textures for 3d models?
  236. Sculprtis - Color dropper and eraser?
  237. Gimp
  238. Textures turn black in work area
  239. How not to render some objects ?
  240. Imitating Fur
  241. Strata Texture
  242. Trying to understand how Skin is done in games
  243. ao maps
  244. Fake fur shader
  245. Difference Between A Color Map And A diffuse map
  246. Shaders with +-average question.
  247. transparency in directx shader 3dsmax2010
  248. Newbie UV Map Question
  249. hard texture surface where to go
  250. Help with UV Unwrap (RoadKill) Install