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  1. good universitys in england and scottland: I need your help
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  20. Vfx in sweden or anywhere close-ish
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  22. Escapestudios: Renderman courses - anyone done this?
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  24. Language at Qantm College in Germany/Austria
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  27. my future in 3d?
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  30. What is the reputation for Royal College of Art
  31. nhtv breda and ga berlin
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  34. qantm college (amsterdam) advice requested
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  39. Best UK Animation Courses (Masters Degree)
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  42. Is SAE's 3D animation course good?
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  46. Has anyone attended (or know of someone) Escape Studios in London?
  47. BSc(HONS) Computer Animation
  48. Escape Studios' Animation course taught by ex-Pixar veteran
  49. V-Ray Master Class during Animago Award & Conference
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  53. Need an advice
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  56. Chiron
  57. Your views on Masters degrees (UK)
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  63. ANOMALIA.EU 2010 - professional courses with animators from PIXAR
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  66. Universities in UK for Game Arts
  67. The Animatin Workshop
  68. Games Academy
  69. The Netherlands
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  71. Situation in Denmark - Question
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  75. architecture vs cg
  76. short courses in london...
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  80. school or no school ?
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  86. UK interesting 3D, Animation, VFX courses / schools recommended?
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  88. CG School / Netherlands
  89. Thinking of Going to the University of Hertfordshire
  90. Motion graphics
  91. Motion graphics in U.K.
  92. Foundation?
  93. Teesside, Bournemouth or Escape?
  94. Need your advise - education in Europe
  95. England COLLEGES
  96. Oxford Game Design
  97. CG artist bachelor
  98. French FREE Webinard around modo 501 on may the 23rd !
  99. Study in Scotland
  100. I have been accepted in the Bournemouth University
  101. Please Help with a course
  102. Stockholm Meet up.
  103. Help me choose a Master's Degree in UK
  104. Help me choose a master's degree in uk
  105. Portugal Entertainment Art
  106. Universities in the UK
  107. help me select to a good university in London for character animation
  108. Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg students?
  109. UK Render Farm for Hire
  110. TRUEMAX Academy (Denmark)
  111. Foundation Art courses for 3D Animation - UK
  112. What to study and where?
  113. 3D Distance Learning
  114. Digital Art Masters Degree in Europe
  115. School of Digital Arts in Amsterdam
  116. ANOMALIA professional 3D animation courses
  117. Florence Design Academy Italy
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  120. MET vs ESCAPE
  121. Good university In UK / Need Info!
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  126. Students animate with new fur rigs
  127. Germany, Hamburg, Niendorf Motion design schools.
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  130. Vfx
  131. vfx
  132. Is a degree worth it? University. What do you think??
  133. Ozone The Movie Kickstarter Campagne
  134. Digital Art - Painting, illustration etc.
  135. state of art acatdemy info needed
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  138. About MA in digital effects
  139. The right course to choose
  140. Character Animation Workshop
  141. MD. H Berlin, opinions?
  142. looking for study animation technical director
  143. Best Vfx School whit release of graduation
  144. Best Animation Masters in Germany
  145. Good school in Europe to become Lead artist
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  147. Good School for learning Digital art in Central scotland? :3 for a beginner
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  153. Studying compositing at Escape Studios