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  1. What are my chances?
  2. School for concept artists or 3D modeler?
  3. A question for current game art and programming students.
  4. Need some info
  5. Gnomon Entertainment Design Program and High-End CG Certificate Program
  6. Tutorial on Vue and Maya Integration
  7. training course or film school..need advice
  8. Master's programs
  9. Portfolio question
  10. Online Degrees
  11. 3d modeler sessions online vs. gnomon
  12. Going to a college that does not teach me (Need Advice)
  13. Choosing a senior thesis project - animator wanting to work in games
  14. Where should I go after highschool? (Homeschooler questions)
  15. Rising above
  16. Please Help
  17. Any tips from experienced folks?
  18. Qualifications for educational software prices.
  19. Noroff Webstudent Norway, Gnomon, Full Sail...
  20. Contents for a Game developing Course...
  21. Not sure what to do
  22. What was the stuff you wish you had learned?
  23. AI Graphic design
  24. Good NYTimes article about student loan debt
  25. University/College Choices (UK)
  26. Concept Art in Photoshop Online Course
  27. CG Arts and Graphic Design
  28. what is the best architicural visulaization course in usa ?
  29. Help!- Good LA area colleges for 3d animation and design for BA!
  30. Javascript: For Adobe AE: Classes
  31. BONES ISSUE: Twisted body parts
  32. Advice desired on becoming 2D Artist/Concept Artist
  33. UCF reviews?
  34. Inspired to become a Visual effects Director/Producer
  35. One opinion of AAU's MFA in Animation by a student there.
  36. R&D & Animation
  37. masters degree or TD internship?
  38. Academy of Arts University Online Award of Completion
  39. about VFS, and what should i bring
  40. Unsure of career path
  41. Realism...??
  42. Full Sail Online - Part Time Available?
  43. The Christ Pose Conundrum
  44. MotionBuilder/Mocap Training
  45. An inquirey; I need a 'best of' list
  46. College degree poll
  47. 1 year industrial places?
  48. Degree in 3D ?
  49. Map of VFX Schools
  50. Take a deep breath!
  51. Taking a 3d Course, Need some advise(please)
  52. High School education recommendation
  53. National Portfolio Day this Sunday, Jan. 17th at Art Center in Pasadena
  54. Is formal education necessary to learn character animation?
  55. E.t.s.u
  56. Westwood College Blog
  57. Do schools sometimes give students false expectations?
  58. Studying in the Netherlands
  59. More learnin' please.
  60. Interview Questions for School Assingment
  61. Learning in school during holiday in New York
  62. Self-learning vs. taking courses?
  63. Gnomon School for Animation?
  64. Looking for CG school or university in US
  65. Need advice from an Ex'pression student past or present.
  66. Studying in Cape Town, South Africa
  67. To excel in Animation, what courses should I take?
  68. Inspiring Levle Designer_what i need to study to become a successful level designer?
  69. QANTM Game Design (Vienna, Austria)
  70. The Art Institutes ( Chicago/Vancouver) Info
  71. School recomendations for specialization in textures
  72. Graduating from a lackluster school - What should I do?
  73. Art-related majors with little experience; possible?
  74. Advanced Photorealism with mental ray
  75. NYTimes Article: Lobbying Imperils Overhaul of Student Loans
  76. master degree in uk.
  77. How to get started, questions & investments.
  78. Texas Schools and Programs: Finding Something Worth the Effort
  79. Utah Valley Univ.
  80. George Brown College (Canada)
  81. Classical Art Training Abroad?
  82. Universities which contain 3D arts
  83. Completely new to this
  84. Questions for Gnomon Alumni
  85. Parsons Vs. Pratt Vs. NYU Masters program, which is a better school for finding work?
  86. Learning "VFX artist" autodidact
  87. 2d animation school
  88. 3DS or MAYA?
  89. Networking betwixt schools
  90. College/University choices (Canada)
  91. School courses for career path insight.
  92. Masters in animation UK......
  93. Who can a I report a course to?
  94. Red River College - Manitoba, CANADA
  95. The Psychology behind watching a movie
  96. Gnomon for VFX?
  97. VFS vs VanArts vs Sheridan - Character Animation
  98. Gnomon Workload vs. Cost of Living in LA
  99. Bournemouth Uni - 3D CGI:Modelling and animation
  100. Gnomon is now $66,000 for their two year program
  101. Masters D. in Animation, VFX or Game Design for less than 8000 per semester?
  102. Education be become a pro in Modelling/Animation?
  103. Motion Based Controls Project (VOUNTEERS REQUIRED)
  104. Remote Internship opportunities?
  105. learning animation to get accepted. Good idea?
  106. Online Degree?
  107. Questions for Gnomon Grads/Current students
  108. Learning Maya Online ? (I am from Spain)
  109. Please Help Me!
  110. Graduates condemned to 'coffee shop jobs'
  111. Dmac?
  112. School Dillemma
  113. CG workshops, Gnomon ?
  114. Need advice on what path to take
  115. Please Help Me Decide
  116. Degree requirements for work permits
  117. Good Colleges for a Game Environment Modeler?
  118. Movie VFX Course or Internship Abroad (USA,Canada)
  119. Help an Inspired Student
  120. NYTimes Article: In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt
  121. Futureworks Manchester?
  122. Grad school or not? If so, which?
  123. Project X
  124. Degree needed to be a level designer?
  125. Cal Arts
  126. college selection? indecisive
  127. CG Architecture
  128. I draw for hours a day alone, and I've never taken an art class...please help
  129. College Conundrum
  130. Going the Self Taught Route
  131. PhD in Computer Animation?
  132. Tutorials for VFX Compositing
  133. Post-degree study in Game Art (UK)
  134. Your help will really be much appreciated.
  135. recommended courses/degrees in arch&viz?
  136. Life Changing Decision...need insight please!
  137. The path to success doesn't always have to mean a golden bullet or massive debt
  138. Autodesk Alias Tutorials
  139. Tools/Pipeline Programmer
  140. Advice on some courses
  141. SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design)
  142. Military and wanting to get a degree in game & graphics design
  143. Calling for advise, an experience photographer want to move career to VFX
  144. Complete USA School List
  145. Post Grad Animation Schools
  146. Pixelcorps...
  147. Options for Animation?
  148. Need some career advice/suggestions/comments...
  149. To old to switch careers
  150. Gnomon School Question
  151. Ringling vs. SVA
  152. Modeling/Texturing Track Options: AAU, Gnomon, VFS, etc?
  153. LIttle Confusion.
  154. Post-Highschool dilemma.
  155. CG Workshops
  156. Thoughts on Flashpoint (Chicago, US)
  157. North Carolina to California!
  158. VFX Schools advice
  159. Need some guiding!
  160. any graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa got a job tell how it went
  161. BFA vs BA vs BS in industrial design
  162. Gnomon: Maya Fluid effects
  163. Some serious guidance needed
  164. Animation Industry in New York vs Singapore
  165. accepted to AI LA , Art Center, Otis
  166. After Bioengineering (ugh) I want to switch to 3d?
  167. Hi there, any information would be great.
  168. College for animation
  169. Ahoy there
  170. Sophomore Review
  171. learning a language
  172. Interesting report on the education industry in the USA
  173. What is the best route for becoming a movie animator for me?
  174. Artistic Scholarship at SCAD
  175. international student in problems help :D
  176. Is Graphic Design a good start to achieve my dreams?
  177. Is DigiPen a good school or a swindle?
  178. Best school for Lighting?
  179. Looking for a Digital-Tutors course
  180. anyone tried fxphd?
  181. 3D Max vs Maya
  182. how to be good character modeler
  183. NYTimes Article: Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt
  184. The Art Institutes
  185. Best subscription site
  186. Gnomon Texture Mapping I
  187. 3D School in Ukraine or Russia?
  188. Syracuse University , FIT, SCAD
  189. Architectural Visualization
  190. My college plans, sound good?
  191. How Does One Get An Internship
  192. Transfer to Gnomon?
  193. want to be an animator,which school to apply
  194. Path to Pixar
  195. How to reach out to student animators?
  196. Centre for Arts and Technology
  197. NYTimes Article: Is a college degree still worth it?
  198. Parallax - Teaser | A Sci Fi Short Film
  199. Santa Monica College
  200. School in Japan
  201. Commercial and TV Ads Skills
  202. Graphic Design Schools
  203. Where to complete my CG education
  204. Need Help Deciding School and Courses
  205. Hyper Island
  206. LCAD Digital Animation
  207. Finding my passion - What are some options I could take?
  208. 3d animators in australia, new south wales
  209. Should my ACT/SAT scores scare me?
  210. Helps/Advices - Studying in Sydney, Australia
  211. Gnomon Question
  212. Schools In Seattle?
  213. Please help me reach a decision
  214. Any examples of storyboarding portfolios?
  215. Asking for advise about digital art schools
  216. While online school for computer animation?
  217. Students - How do you earn?
  218. What Courses Should I Take?
  219. National Portfolio Day Upcoming Events - Throughout the U.S.
  220. How to learn 3D modeling?
  221. VFS and Gnomon from High School or after College?
  222. Which course will better prepare me for a career in VFX?
  223. Want to know Best School 3D Animation in LA or Sanfrancisco
  224. Starting out in 2d/3d CG.
  225. Need Advice
  226. Courses in High School?
  227. Need advice..Please help!!
  228. Please help me!!!
  229. Digipen
  230. Advice greatly appreciated
  231. Education for Kids
  232. Dynamic Figure Drawing with David Finch
  233. Columbos College?
  234. USA Short term courses & certificates - desperately searching
  235. Animation pedagogies???
  236. Looking for Gnomon roommate.
  237. A formula to live by, all while picking your brains..
  238. Learning 3d max in Argentina
  239. Stan Winston School of Character Arts announced
  240. School in UK
  241. Is there other modeling option then polygon modeling?
  242. Good universities in US for Motion Graphics (Broadcast)
  243. Kind of lost right now
  244. Education Suggestions? - Based in Austin, TX
  245. Article about AI and other schools at Bloomberg
  246. Path to CG Cinematography
  247. PBS Frontline: Investigation of for Profit Schools
  248. Going from filmmaker to animator....need guidance and suggestions :)
  249. Best design schools in Europe
  250. 3D Graphics/Animation Careers