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  2. Why bother with CG schools?
  3. best character animations school
  4. What software does your school teach for 3D?
  5. CG students: Tell me about your school experiences!
  6. Graphic Design / Digital Illustration School
  7. Help me choose a school (please)
  8. Quit job, leave for school?
  9. 3d/animation school in spain or in buenos aires
  10. School Question
  11. 3dsense Media School /SINGAPORE or Bournemouth University/UK
  12. career and school
  13. Help For High School Studnts
  14. Animation Grad School
  15. University and Courses
  16. How to tell a good school from a bad school
  17. CG school recommendation
  18. BFA in Animation or Cert in Computer Animation?
  19. 3d animation n visual effects school
  20. best schools for specialization
  21. School to study Masters in a CG field?
  22. yes concept art school
  23. Something That My Design School Gave Me That Has Me CONFUSED!
  24. School Help
  25. Why 3D education isn't working - 3DWorld article online
  26. education and school advice?!
  27. Should I go back to university?
  28. Yet Another Thread About Schooling
  29. Questions about portfolio and university
  30. High school to college (please help)
  31. Canada vs USA(3D animation)
  32. To all you CG graduates. Major?
  33. What could highschool students do?
  34. im searching for animation school can u help?
  35. CG animation schools to rich for my blood
  36. Recommend your art school/education
  37. What college degrees necessary (if any) for job consideration in the industry?
  38. is there any open source school
  39. What to ask a potential animation school?
  40. Aspiring 3D Artist Seeking School Advice
  41. Animation Mentor
  42. Cybergirl class 2009 reunion :)
  43. www.fxphd.com onilne training. :)
  44. Any school that provides strong training in lighting, shading or even scripting?
  45. Courses about art techniques and art theories.
  46. What is the URL for the "real" sheridan college
  47. New Online Courses and Training Thread
  48. Academy of Arts University - Yay or Nay?
  49. fmx/09 - schools and talents
  50. DVD or Online Lessons to Concept Art
  51. North American School's List Posted
  52. where can i learn STORYBOARD?
  53. Where to study for 3D modeler/animator ?
  54. Required reading and Laptops for self teaching?
  55. Students - get noticed!
  56. figure drawing...don't wanna do it
  57. ball and chain... (bacherlor vs associate)
  58. Model and Minatures
  59. Anyone graduated from Digipen college?
  60. College choice help.
  61. What to do after graduation...
  62. Pratt Institute NY - Computer Animation Program
  63. AAU vs. SCAD
  64. School? Opinions please...
  65. Buyer Beware - Student Loans from Private Lenders
  66. Academy of art
  67. Lighting & Animation training in China (taught in English & Chinese) by industry pros
  68. Read: Average Salaries of Art school professors
  69. Good Article (Mainly for Parents) about Saving for College
  70. Advice for summer period?
  71. How much do 3D artists make?
  72. Cca
  73. Protest closing of the thread "Read: Average Salaries of Art school professors"
  74. In Grim Job Market, Student Loans Are a Costly Burden
  75. Requesting a little help with a research project
  76. 3d animation and film making
  77. Funding your Internship
  78. Need some advice on a college...
  79. College Focus - Need professional advice!
  80. Debt Trap: College Borrowing Catches Up
  81. need some advice for my situation
  82. Study /learing 3d
  83. CG Univerities in Tokyo, Japan.
  84. CG Workshops Question
  85. Workshop Request for Biljana
  86. Need Help ~ Sheridan or Bournemouth Uni
  87. Highschool opportunities
  88. University Of Hertfordshire UK 2009 Digital Animation Exposť Open Invite - 2/6/09
  89. A little advice for a lost student
  90. SCAD vs. ETSU
  91. Game colleges - Are they worth it?
  92. Not contecnt with my education.
  93. High poly modelling
  94. Online Character TD education - Any good program exist?
  95. Master Degree or Bachelor
  96. College credits for work experience?
  97. New graduates' competition
  98. Jason Chan Style Exploration Video is Out!
  99. Double Dilemma
  100. Free Learning.
  101. Made the jump, now what?
  102. Aspiring digital artist, software questions.
  103. Academy of Art San Fran online
  104. Schools for Cinema 4D......
  105. School Success Rate
  106. what school to study television commercials production in UK
  107. Student Game "Folie Contagieuse" (WIP)
  108. What to put on a lighting reel?
  109. Los Angeles 3D training?
  110. lighting
  111. Australian Courses
  112. Cover mountains or tiny steps?
  113. Picking elective subjects
  114. Choosing the right path: Major 3D or Game Development
  115. The Right Place To Spend My Money
  116. digital art school future?
  117. posibility of doing phd in 3d animation
  118. Finding it hard to Freelance...any pointers?
  119. New training material about destruction
  120. Story Workshop - Jim Thorpe, PA June 22-26, 2009
  121. If you were to design a 3D course...
  122. Question for Gnomon students and or LA residents
  123. questions about florida schools
  124. Free 3d models and online Training
  125. what kind of maths do i need to go into programming?
  126. Need help choosing a university for post-grad course
  127. The act of asking some questions via the use of too many words
  128. Question About The System Of Online University
  129. Looking further into interface design
  130. Help with Careers
  131. What experience have you had with Gnomon for animation?
  132. Live tutorials
  133. How much do you need to know before attending a MA program ?
  134. In need of a 3D studio Max 2009 Model
  135. NYTimes Article: My M.A., a Source of Pride and Regret
  136. LATimes Article: New student loan repayment plan is based on borrower's income
  137. Australia: NAS Intensive Studio Practice
  138. the knowledge of art direction
  139. Futureworks, Manchester, UK
  140. How should I prepare myself for a lighter interview?
  141. Which way do I go?!?!
  142. Where to begin- VFX
  143. Can you tell me some informations about art institute?
  144. TD College
  145. Modern Game Character Creation course question
  146. Question About VFS and Gnomon
  147. How important is a Degree?
  148. University of Hertfordshire @ MPC Friday 24th July
  149. what im gonna do
  150. How to get started
  151. State of the animation career
  152. New Houdini Education Info
  153. SVA tuiton bill is now due.... second thoughts, should I?
  154. Becoming a Texture artist.
  155. Where should a 10-year old start?
  156. Formal education - how important is it?
  157. game design
  158. Britain: which and what course?...
  159. Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji
  160. Interesting Article About the Cost of Unpaid Internships
  161. NYTimes Article: Arts Programs in Academia Are Forced to Nip Here, Adjust There
  162. What's your opinion on the best learning environment?
  163. Several School info
  164. Learning on my own and Utterly Lost
  165. Looking into Art Universities: Highschool senior
  166. Best Animation Course (Masters)
  167. I'm considering a doing PhD in this stuff am i mad?
  168. Questions on What to start with.
  169. Game design schools: opinions?
  170. Digital Tutors - Opinions?
  171. Pre Education
  172. 3D Animation Classes - Opinions?
  173. Life Drawing Courses
  174. Part time Cinema d4 courses
  175. College Girl with Questions
  176. I'm An Artist, But Not The Starving Kind
  177. Any suggestions
  178. If you think about Full Sail University
  179. What to do before college?
  180. Learning 3d...yet another thread
  181. Motion Graphics Education
  182. Which online school for 2D/3D Game Art/Texturing?
  183. Trying to get back in the game
  184. Hmm... Do I go back to university?
  185. Gnomon: Entertainment Design Track?
  186. Question about schools
  187. 3d character modeling course
  188. A Few Big Questions...
  189. Lots of college questions Mega thread!
  190. cg or not to cg
  191. Digital Painting DVDs
  192. CGCon Roadshow
  193. Collage & Software question?
  194. 4 year colleges that teach visual effects / cg?
  195. Starting From Scratch
  196. Free Video Shows VFX Career Secret
  197. Dissertation Help needed
  198. North Carolina - Senior project!
  200. SCAD, Ringling, SVA - help me?
  201. Gnomon School VFX 2009 Portfolio Submission
  202. NO ADVERTISING please
  203. Animation MA programs? (For 2D animators)
  204. Illustration - Sheridan, Ringling, Academy of Art?
  205. Any one knows the best university to study 3d animation and visual effects ??!
  206. The DAVE School
  207. Need some guidence
  208. Art Schools..
  209. hlep n finding a course
  210. 3ds Max Techniques
  211. Games Industry Mentor
  212. Compositing and Film School
  213. Aspiring 3D character artist
  214. Information on Storyboarding Previsualization
  216. When did you feel your education/experiance made you ready for the real world?
  217. Life changing decisions
  218. Different types of 3d?
  219. querry related to animation training.
  220. GNOMON school of visual effects now conducting MASTER CLASSES
  221. Art University in Holland
  222. Which Animation School To Choose In India?
  223. School for VISUAL EFFECTS
  224. What qualifications are needed for being a good animator?
  225. Directions please?
  226. Planning on going to college for 2-D graphic design
  227. Best free software for learning
  228. Courses in Australia?
  229. Train2Game ~ are they any good?
  230. Some Guidance please.
  231. 3d work in scotland
  232. Maya @ School & the lack of PLE
  233. planning for college
  234. Training Courses in Finland
  235. Master's Degree
  236. game art course help
  237. Need hints in the right direction
  238. Does anyone know anything about the Animation program at SAIC?
  239. I Was Told That I'd Fail?
  240. Yea, I am not creative
  241. Forensic Animation and other interdisciplinary studies
  242. What are questions I should ask?
  243. What kind of courses to take?
  244. Gnomon School of Visual Effects! ( questions )
  245. Advice on hobbies to improve a 3d artist
  246. Why not Special Effects (SFX) ???
  247. Learning the basics of Photoshops and After Effects from a CG/VFX point of view
  248. Gnomon For Internationals
  249. I can't decide.. (Schools)
  250. Art Instruction School