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  1. Spline refine mesh deform
  2. organic "bridge" modelling in maya (dynamics?)
  3. How would you generate this mesh?
  4. Net of triangular pyramids
  5. Fastest way to model head from photo
  6. topology tips
  7. in need of some advice for flow in 3ds
  8. Can't See Within Model
  9. [3ds Max] How to achieve a shape like this??
  10. Low Poly Modeling
  11. Animal Fur - 3DS Max or ZBrush
  12. where to find 3d modeling contest
  13. Proboolean script
  14. Architectural Detail (Baroque, Rococo, Floral Repeats etc)
  15. Modeling holes for a speaker
  16. Modeling X's on a sphere. 3dsMAx
  17. high poly modelling workflow
  18. Non-Cloth Clothing
  19. Free C4D model for download
  20. i need beginners advice
  21. 3D Art Test
  22. Viewport Canvas
  23. critiqs for Modeling Figure for Animation
  24. quick questions about retopology and pipeline -Zbrush or Max
  25. Frustrating baking problems with ZBrush & xNormal
  26. how to turn a sphere into equivalent triangles
  27. Need help with and eye issue....
  28. books in modeling
  29. Ocean Modeling For Simulation
  30. Join meshes with smooth intersection
  31. Turning to max. A few basic questions.
  32. Are backdrop images absolutely necessary for digital sculpting ?
  33. i want to extrude the opicity map
  34. A simple question I'm sure...
  35. Modeling hollow sphere in Max 9
  36. Beginner Questions - Help?
  37. Breaking Apart for 3D Printing.
  38. Modeling Help
  39. Normal Mapping Problem
  40. Break apart Large Model for 3D printing
  41. Help with high-poly modelling in 3ds max
  42. Uv maps per object
  43. How 3d models gets 3d printed in different conditions ?
  44. A better character modeler
  45. What is happening here to my mesh?
  46. Normal maps issues
  47. Need a model for a Tonka jeep
  48. Array & Welding Problem
  49. Edge flow review
  50. 3ds Max and AutoCAD Courses
  51. 3ds Max Problem: I am missing a map
  52. retopologizing problem!
  53. Bones of locomotion
  54. Please I need help in maya modeling... ASAP
  55. attatching high poly to low poly
  57. Help with mesh smoothening please
  58. How to extract normals on this mesh
  59. Low/High Poly and UVLayout
  60. General approach to modeling this auto body? Maya
  61. Help Modeling a River City? (Maya)
  62. Question About High and Low Poly Meshes for Baking...
  63. c4d how to dublicate a line?
  64. Learning modeling and topology basics
  65. Model Creating Holes Issue
  66. quick 3d max question
  67. mesh smooth prblem
  68. Previous Work
  69. How to model the Oblivion's Bubble Ship engine in 3DS Max 2014?
  70. Sony Walkman TPS-L2
  71. Magneto Telephone System (Plain Front Wall Phone)
  72. How to create a Bas Relief in 3D Studio Max?
  73. Elementary question about combining objects
  74. Maya - Manipulator Handles HUGE! Not the usual issue, help!
  75. Scaling the ppsh's stock
  76. doubt
  77. software render looks awful - workaround?
  78. A little modelling guidance.
  79. Applying multiple materials in udk to a building made in 3ds max?
  80. Mudbox and Maya - Sculpting a Coat or Jacket
  81. Confused about ZBrush high to low retopo process
  82. Maya Smooth Preview Half On and Half Off?
  83. Character Modeling Help
  84. Back spikes: extrude or separate piece?
  85. Hard Surface Modeling: Maya Nurbs or Zbrush
  86. How long will it take?
  87. 3D Printing: Universal Scale Settings
  88. Deforming to a sphere
  89. Help holding edges in convex corners
  90. Modeler Skype Group
  91. Modelling A Remote Control - Merging 2 Planes
  92. ►Drag select polygons in the middle of other polygons? 3ds Max
  93. Help the newbie, please
  94. Highpoly texturing
  95. Hair sculpting Help
  96. This face doesn't look right, help please?
  97. rendering vector (maya vector render engine)
  98. Modellıng and placıng a necklace/chain using dynamics.
  99. Softening/Smoothing edges when rendering?
  100. Scaling in negative: evil opposite node
  101. Mudbox displacement map export issue
  102. How long to model 7 Rigid Smurf-Like Figures of ca. 10cm height?
  103. High detail on Low polygon count model?
  104. FREE 3D - Nike Airmax .OBJ
  105. Modeling ground in detail
  106. Any good sites for Orthographic drawing views?
  107. very VERY dumb noob question
  108. Maya 2014 Polygon Edge Display
  109. Questions for a project im trying to do
  110. My first soldier model
  111. Will this be a problem?
  112. My First Hand For Animation Noob Maya
  113. Modeling an scene with impossible objects
  114. How to fix this morph target?
  115. Alien/Mechrobot Modeling Workflow
  116. ZBrush/3Ds Max/UDK normal
  117. Modeling off of image planes with perspective
  118. Question about Modeling workflow
  119. Any tips (mainly topology wise)?
  120. MAYA question on using curve tool to create subdivisions on mesh
  121. how does professional usually model a low poly mesh
  122. Modo and Zbrush FOV
  123. Question about Polycount
  124. Retopology for weapons in games
  125. need some advice on architectural modeling
  126. The topology of the game model
  127. How to bevel in Maya?
  128. SubDiv modeling problem
  129. You need some 3D Houses for fore- or background? Just come on over...:)
  130. 3d design from texture NOT texturing 3d design
  131. Advice on my Toplogy, Am I doing it correctly?
  132. Lambo Gallardo Modeling issue
  133. RaySupreme 3D Modeling Software, Latest Version Release v1.5
  134. Environmental Modeler/Texture Artist
  135. How to i add the animated model from 3ds max to a video????
  136. Game engine Tiling textures Logic
  137. Modeling for Matchmoving Project
  138. Smoothing Issues
  139. Zbrush with Mari
  140. Learning without game art school. Suggestion on curriculum?
  141. Scene modelling process
  142. Smooth edges issue
  143. Cleaning Polygon Help
  144. Rounded Edges On Non-Live Type In Cinema 4D
  145. Curved wooden wall - how to do?
  146. modeling curves problem
  147. Modeling Help
  148. Is this a math problem?
  149. Modeling smaller objects?
  150. Edge Loops issue
  151. Edit polly "adds" edge which ruins surface
  152. Organic topology for production
  153. How do I snap things into straight lines?
  154. Reducing topology
  155. Can I remove unnecessary detail or should I keep quads?
  156. Is there a way to unfold a building object like a facial texture?
  157. (hopefully) quick question about displacement tesselation
  158. Design of artificial intelligence must read
  159. Bored? Who wants to make some simple models for a game
  160. Game Model Resource
  161. Merging Scans to create an animatable mesh
  162. need help with normal seams
  163. problem with proboolean in 3ds max
  164. adding hair to model
  165. Mirror symmetry in Maya.
  166. Difficulty translating concept perspective to 3D.
  167. General question about high poly texturing
  168. How to change this Beer Mug Label
  169. Can't get 3ds 2014 to send to Mudbox 2014
  170. How to create a terrain from a color Height map in 3ds Max
  171. Begging a Journey
  172. How would you deal with this.ZBRUSH>MAX>ZBRUSH
  173. Finding Reference Images For Models
  174. Maya Channelbox question
  175. [Help] Anatomy And Typology.
  176. Help Anatomy And Typology in modeling
  177. tank tutorials
  178. Hot Air Balloon/Nurbs Help
  179. Do you model with rigging in mind?
  180. TO use Make Human or to not use makehuman?
  181. How do you ideate, "sketch", prototype?
  182. help: how to make a feather to bird in right way
  183. Anyone know a quick n' easy way to generate these type of low poly mountains?
  184. Suggestions on how do approach a peeling sticker?
  185. does keeping the real life proportions but not using real units make any difference?
  186. Help with modeling
  187. modeling an old-timer Merc 170D
  188. Vray Displacement Bit Depth Issue
  189. Harley quinn.
  190. techniques on making seams for cloth
  191. Hard surface modeling in Maya tips
  192. Feasible approach to modeling this part of an airplane?
  193. scroll work (i.e. Fleur de lis)
  194. Intersecting Objects and Game Rendering
  195. Faces not rendering on 3DSmax
  196. while modeling, do you open up every hole even though they're not visible?
  197. [3ds Max] Extruding instrument panels from splines
  198. [Maya/Mudbox] Need advice on a project
  199. 2 sided faces problem in maya
  200. Need help to creatre a green Fence, Boxtree, buxus-sculptures
  201. How to model blocked hair in Maya?
  202. How do I make an approximated hexagonal sphere?
  203. Maya - Multicut on hand modeling
  204. How to cut rectangle holes in cylinder properly in 3DS Max
  205. How to off the vertex view on mesh in maya
  206. Creating and uniting NURBS surfaces
  207. how to model this hexagon like shape in maya
  208. Sail Ship wood planks
  209. mudbox head/face modeling
  210. File problem.
  211. Sphere puzzle
  212. Which 3d package is right for me? (as a designer)
  213. Plants and Environmental population
  214. When do you sculpt the inside of the mouth
  215. Creating Quads at the top of a Cylinder
  216. How do I randomly scatter debris onto a plane?
  217. How to control thickness/circumference of wires for 3D printing?
  218. Dirt buildup help
  219. [Beginner Question] About modeling Anime Characters
  220. How would you go about modeling this corridor?
  221. Fixing Six Sided Poles...?
  222. Poly Modeling software for Accurate modeling? (suggestions? any available?)
  223. Modelling a massive landscape - to be shot from 'high altitude'
  224. Maya Modeling - Border Edges Cannot be Deleted
  225. Hamapatch
  226. Videogame modeling: When and when not to connect vertices?
  227. [HELP] Posing character in Mudbox
  228. A critical question, please help!
  229. need model for waterfall sim
  230. Got a question!
  231. Speed and efficiency advice for 3D modeling - please!
  232. Split body parts
  233. Simple extrusion from an AI File
  234. Having a problem with surfaces on splines
  235. Modo Question : Transforming Vertices Fast in Modo how to?
  236. Eyelashes cration
  237. Maya Leaves
  238. Character sculpting, one mesh or many
  239. Japanese Maple tree using poly and paintfx maya2014
  240. 3de for ref images
  241. This won't make any sense.
  242. City Engine 2013 questions
  243. How to weld similar meshes into one mesh?
  244. Keeping my poly`s smooth 3ds max
  245. Rhino + grasshopper alternative
  246. Realistic Portrait(Head modeling)
  247. Making realistic strings
  248. Topogun map size
  249. Sea Shell Modelling
  250. Carlton Banks Reff