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  1. topology
  2. Face normals need fixing on clothing.
  3. Detail or plain tube
  4. gun model looking for some input
  5. Forgot How to Reopen Shelves in Maya
  6. Need help maintaining quads here
  7. starting in sub-d?
  8. A couple of quick questions!
  9. C4D Plug-In or Tools I dont know name what is! Please Help what is this?
  10. A couple of quick questions about modelling
  11. Looking for something similiar to Archipelis Designer..
  12. Need help w/a 3d imaging transform or something
  13. Ryu 's hair style
  14. question about strange shadows on mesh
  15. Modelling issues! Beginner in need of help!
  16. Edgeloops causing too much density
  17. converting hair to plane mesh?
  18. Vehicle Modeling in Maya
  19. Poly Modeling vs. SubD modeling
  20. merging verts
  21. how to evaluate differential area(dA) in Jensen paper
  22. multiple windows modeling
  23. subdiv to poly shell...
  24. deleting symmetry
  25. Forgetting and Relearning skills
  26. where i can C Booths,Partitions,exhibition sampels..
  27. 3DS Max Space Warp problem
  28. Hole in the ball
  29. Keeping clean topology.
  30. Modelling a goldfish
  31. 3DS Max Clothes
  32. UDK problem with normal maps
  33. Newbie - Rendering problem
  34. Sharp corners on a curved surface
  35. Moving beyond basic modeling
  36. Geometry, Texture & Ringging ( Need Solution )
  37. Modelling a goldfish
  38. Need fresh eyes, need help on female face.
  39. how to find triangles in mesh
  40. Sculpt large landscape?
  41. Best way to go about modelling an animatable paperclip?
  42. Edge flow Help
  43. About workflow and topology.
  44. portfolio question for modelers
  45. Modelling Trees?
  46. Sinus chair by COR 3D model
  47. I need help about ''Mirror''
  48. I need help about "mirror" in maya
  49. Lighting help
  50. Flipping Normal Direction In Certain Faces?
  51. Need help for Maya
  52. Need help with lights on a Space ship
  53. How would you do this?
  54. Mirrored edge loops without using an instance in Maya
  55. Printable Area
  56. I'ma noob.
  57. Creasing problem in maya
  58. Help With 3D Typo
  59. Sub D problem in Maya
  60. 3dsmax need help: modeling city using greeble
  61. Can you use Xref AND Pro-Optimizer together in 3DS MAX?
  62. How can i set a perspective image to build it in 3d
  63. normal angles and smooth tolerance
  64. Modeling a head with Nurbs!
  65. My topology sucks, help needed!
  66. bridge problem in maya
  67. How to get textures and maps back after retopologizing?
  68. Particle System - Animaition Problem
  69. topo question
  70. duplicate instances
  71. Virtual Stents in Maya
  72. Make geometry neater?
  73. Modeling from a 360 panorama
  74. Mirrored objects become transparent(like backculling) in Zbrush
  75. Modeling Bat Wings
  76. Loop and Rings
  77. 3dsMax getting the right shape on a toy
  78. modeling help
  79. chunky mesh fix?
  80. New here. Tutorials on topology for newbies.
  81. Insert edge loop tool
  82. Modeling a pocket into pants?
  83. Need help modeling a car
  84. Help requested: Merging polygon and polygon edges edges
  85. Exploded View Models
  86. Help requested Zbrush 4.0 and Maya 2011
  87. Head modeling from scratch..
  88. Standium Blueprints
  89. zbrush autoload tool
  90. Necktie
  91. Increasing file size during modeling
  92. Subdivisionmodeling.com is down!
  93. Tutorial - Modeling Hummer
  94. snap scaling
  95. Advice on cleaning up a mesh
  96. Advice in modeling please =(
  97. Head Topology WIP
  98. 3ds Max 2012 vs Maya 2012
  99. question: trying to build a frame for this doorway.
  100. Looking for Terminator T-1
  101. face normals
  102. Stuck in a model in 3ds max, help requested
  103. Topogun issue (for any topogun ninjas in here)
  104. Character Modeler needed
  105. PART 2 Shows how we made our clay figure of Captain America
  106. Multi patch Displacement map extraction errors?
  107. Still having trouble with this "simple" shape with Sub-Ds
  108. Re: What is on your mind
  109. Freeze transforms while skipping errors
  110. Changing Maya's Default Material
  111. Modelling quiz!?
  112. Hair and Fur crashing at render time | 3dsmax 2011 Vray 2.10
  113. Character creation for animation: Zbrush, Workflow strategies, etc.
  114. Maya(2012) Prob : New faces have no material on them
  115. Modeling: Basic resources?
  116. Modeling: Basic resources?
  117. Game terrain poly density?
  118. Newbie - How to model a dipyramid frame?
  119. Modeling Grass
  120. Blend a circle and a rectangle spline
  121. anybody familiar with this issue? (problem when bevel)
  122. Options in material editor are not truly affecting the UV-coordinates
  123. Auto-Retopo Using a Predefined Mesh?
  124. Looking for tips to better connect terrain features together
  125. 3ds Max snap toggle
  126. Modeling to Scale?
  127. Cinema 4D - Unexpected problem
  128. Cinema 4D - Unexpected problem
  129. How much time will it take to model a Cheverlet Volt?
  130. zbrush Relative Symmetry
  131. Low poly car modeling tuts?
  132. Spartan Helmet
  133. 3D Studio Max easy question with maybe not such an easy answer...
  134. Need help with cloth modeling
  135. what is happening to my geometry? (pics)
  136. Help!
  137. Impossible Shape To Model - HELP !!
  138. Modeling Pockets
  139. Help with edge pinching
  140. zbrush symmetry
  141. Opinion on Topology
  142. What to work on to add to my portfolio
  143. Shadows appears in mesh when welding
  144. How to model handle of a tennis racket? (grip tape, perforations etc)
  145. Animschool Webcast Preview (Rigged Model Demo)
  146. Getting my vertices planar in a slope
  147. How to make a curved wall slope
  148. Building low-poly tracks
  149. Modeling
  150. How to modeling mountains
  151. Maya Edge Pinch Issue
  152. Extremely frustrating Image plane problem In MAYA
  153. Machined edges on a complex hard surface
  154. Combing Geometry in large scene
  155. "spiraling edge loops?"
  156. Question: How can I have both hard and soft edges on the same object model?
  157. Endless "Illegal New Faces"
  158. How to fix shadow bugs in the mesh
  159. Toothbrush "hair"
  160. Hard surface modeling
  161. Noob question... How to have both smooth and hard edges on an object?
  162. How to do CG hair in maya.
  163. Edges per vertex?
  164. Modeling a picture frame
  165. How to correctly model house walls
  166. Attaching Higher to lower Geo Objects
  167. transfer-uvs-after-rigging
  168. Vertex weird after smoothing?
  169. MAYA_Render with wireframe
  170. Not your regular comparison thread
  171. Between 3DsMax and Maya
  172. Modeling characters for still picture
  173. New to Modeling: Hard edge face questions!
  174. [Big Tutorial] Making Modular Environments in UDK
  175. Holes in revolver-like mesh
  176. Maya Preview Options
  177. lost the link :(
  178. need help with nurb car modeling
  179. Zsphere alternative or concepting method
  180. ProOptimizer (from 2mil to 10k)
  181. Interested in a "road network builder" plugin - what's the closest option?
  182. Trying to find a way to use 3D terrain data acquired from USGS
  183. I need modeling advice !!!
  184. I need modeling advice !!!
  185. what modeling software for a clinker boat?
  186. Architectural 2D CAD too Realtime 3D Model
  187. Two Basic Questions
  188. Locking vertices in Maya 2011
  189. A chair too high poly?
  190. Environment Modeling Topology Books
  191. Modelling agencies in the uk
  192. Modeling Tutorial Contest Ideas
  193. Creating large square mesh. Need help. 3ds max
  194. Modeling a wall ornament
  195. help re-creating this shape? (i-mac rear)
  196. Modeling 5 apartments in 1 week - possible?
  197. Rhino 3D 4.0 Car Modeling video tutorial
  198. Which one is the better way?
  199. Feedback Thread CCM261
  200. Need a simple cylinder colsed on one end.
  201. How would you model an insect?
  202. Conforming Low polly surface to high
  203. need help rendering my models!!!
  204. How to? - Modeling H-Poly SpaceMarine.
  205. Zeitguised
  206. How would you model a Jellyfish (oral arms)
  207. How I can Make it?
  208. Triangles in low polygon modeling
  209. first doodle
  210. create many holes in a plane
  211. Rhino 3 Help
  212. the best way to model a city with maya..
  213. Boolean difference mess up.
  214. How to model modern chair
  215. Avoid complex SubD (Max 2011)
  216. Robot to Human Cripple morphing
  217. Problem with mesh-plane alignment
  218. Perspective in Environment Modeling.
  219. Perspective in Environment Modeling.
  220. Help need with Normals in Maya ..
  221. normal map questions
  222. Problem with dark areas in render
  223. modeling question about the industry about maya and zbrush
  224. Best Units & grid settings for human figure modeling
  225. Tricky shape to model
  226. Advice on how to model wierd shape
  227. unwrapping geometry
  228. Very strange situation
  229. Nurbs Modelling "Planar Eye Mask" for 2D character
  230. Displacement Map Bubbling Problems
  231. procedural modeling of cities
  232. adding intricate detail to a model
  233. can anybody give me hint on how to model this?
  234. making ropes for holding objects
  235. Modeling a curved edge
  236. Curve's not lofting
  237. Advice: Tips for modeling cities (fast)
  238. modeling a motherboard
  239. Converting 3d model to real life?
  240. NURBS Issue
  241. Converting file formats (.3do)
  242. How would you model this in either Rhino or Inventor ?
  243. Weird Geometry Problem
  244. How do i put things on top of another and make it look believable??
  245. Qubicle : a voxel constructor
  246. How to model pleats on Samurai sword handle.
  247. Preferred Method
  248. Creating Armor in zBrush
  249. Need comments on my model
  250. how do they?