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  1. Next-Gen game character boot-laces
  2. modeiing workflow
  3. Mudbox morph targets.
  4. Delete unwanted vertexes in Max
  5. One more max from Maya question
  6. Advanced duplication methods (i think?)
  7. Gettin' That Darn Hand on the Arm!
  8. Maya subdivision surfaces question
  9. Model a 3D scene from a real photo
  10. Need Help to Convert 3D File into 3ds Max
  11. Fake soft edge/soft bevel script?
  12. Splines problem
  13. Selecting everyother row of faces in maya.
  14. Smooth transition between one mesh to another
  15. Character Modeling
  16. Vegitation Modeling - the best way?
  17. Modeling Corners w/ smoothing
  18. Mechas/robots quick question :D
  19. In need of a toony model
  20. nurbs issue
  21. Million dollar question about modeling
  22. Concept
  23. When to retain Edge Loops and when not
  24. Creating character views before modeling
  25. UV Snapping - Big problem :\
  26. mid-sr level modeler for cg short film
  27. Topology Critique Wanted.
  28. is it possible to model a character from such sketches automatically?
  29. Modeling a Mummy
  30. Instance Objects To Be Un-Instance.
  31. Rider and Mount
  32. Blueprints?
  33. stretching & tearing - solution??
  34. Messy max mesh
  35. Maya vertex selection
  36. Eyeball proportion to head?
  37. Mechanical Part modeling help
  38. Help starting a car model
  39. Characters?
  40. HOw do you...
  41. help: Modeling hair, and different techniques
  42. Putting bumps on a surface
  43. If I love Modo, Which Solid Modeler would I like?
  44. Wrapping a fabric around an object.
  45. xnormal faceting problem
  46. This extrusion is killing me
  47. 3D Mic Stand Help
  48. Seeking 3D Artists.
  49. making mechanical tubes for a model. need some help please
  50. Exporting Maya 3D models to AE CS4
  51. How To Load .mel?
  52. Help> Modeling Dragon in Rig-Friendly Pose
  53. Low Polygon Modeling for games
  54. Edge problem
  55. Very important question
  56. How do I transfer details to normal map for low poly?
  57. How to change the Scale Axis in Maya
  58. 3D Character Modelling - Poser versus Quidam
  59. Civic Project
  60. elemental (noob) question about subds
  61. Modeling earth/continents
  62. how to rig high res mudbox/zbrush model
  63. final fantasy 13 hair
  64. Tri's VS Quads
  65. I need topology advice - XSI
  66. ADVANTAGES OF NURBS over polygons?????
  67. Need help avoiding triangles
  68. character modelling
  69. A flat out NOOB question (3DS / creating windows)
  70. Character Model Shoulder Question
  71. Modeling An Egg
  72. Modeling Zbrush vs Maya
  73. How to Create Geometry Like This?
  74. Realistic tree leaves
  75. vertex sliding question
  76. First zbrush head
  77. A hand on a face
  78. Crown Model
  79. best depth cue?
  80. Silo 2
  81. 2 part question
  82. help modeling a nose, cannot weld vertices nor creating a polygon
  83. Any tools for procedural modeling?
  84. General Grievous ?
  85. need help building an helmet
  86. Zbrush to maya? Really easy now?
  87. Detailing aircraft
  88. Why are Quads and Tris so important?
  89. Hello again, Plastic ear look a like issue
  90. Rhino modeling tutorial
  91. That evil shadowy line
  92. Need little help
  93. Need some building critic on first car model
  94. Attaching an ear to the head... Makes me want to shoot myself...
  95. which brand/model of car is the best or most beautiful to model?
  96. Curious Questions for Game Level Designers & Game Character Developers
  97. Best way to model a twisty mountain road?
  98. Edge Flow, and predicting it.
  99. Artifacting causing bizarre shadows in-game
  100. Smoothing error that i cant figure out
  101. Paper-Thin Geometry
  102. Help pleese!!
  103. Model for a cartoon film
  104. Roadkill unwrapping problems with maya model
  105. Roadkill unwrapping problems with maya model
  106. quick question to get me on the way ...
  107. Free 3D Model Websites?
  108. polygonal modeling vs. sculpting
  109. triangles?
  110. Reducing Edge Density With Quads
  111. Character modeling for gaming
  112. Boolean Problem
  113. Megazord References?
  114. Strange Behaviour of Cut Surfaces Tool
  115. Problems with nurbs curve
  116. Scale Vertices to straight line in Maya
  117. models made for video take how long?
  118. Modeling a couch
  119. base model to zbrush workflow question??
  120. noob - boolean problem
  121. Creating Missile Vollys - Suggestions?
  122. Problem with shark modelling.
  123. Noob: How am I doing?{pics}
  124. to model features on a landscape or not to...
  125. 3DS Max to ZBrush Modeling Workflow? Logical? Efficient?
  126. best modeling tool sets for Maya
  127. Modelers needed for short film
  128. [Maya] How would you combine these two meshes? (pic included)
  129. Need help on spaceship
  130. Noobie Question - Modelling with or without Clothes
  131. Need edgeloops while maintaining quad structure
  132. Grass in hypershot or maya?
  133. How to create several instance objects for hair and fur (Shave and a haircut Maya)?
  134. Matching Front + Side photos of Head for modellin
  135. Ribbed Tubing in Maya
  136. Modeling cave walls, tips?
  137. NURBS stitching and combining help? (Maya 2009)
  138. Shell modifier on a complicated poly... HELP!
  139. Brand New to 3D Modeling
  140. Loud Pedal Simulations looking for a modeler
  141. character topo crit? (nudity)
  142. Just discoverd something id like to share
  143. Cut out a shape in a square
  144. Cut out a shape in a square
  145. Looking for help with a project
  146. I want to model different faces with same topology.
  147. If the model sheet of 3 vehicles are drawn in disproportionate from each other...
  148. Hard Surface Modelling Help
  149. modelling a camera(Dslr). help!
  150. how i get ride from these seams? there is a picture
  151. Can't Find A Decent Tutorial For The Female Body?
  152. Advise on learning modelling
  153. Nurbs or Polygons?
  154. where can i find a mel called "extended duplicate"
  155. Anyone know of a...
  156. Modeling characters techniques help
  157. Environment Modeling Help
  158. Best Way to Model Intricate Spaceships?
  159. Mesh Smooth problem.
  160. Characters like Ironman
  161. 3D drawing(modelling) program?
  162. Having trouble modeling faces.
  163. Making an arch
  164. I cant move my vertices :S
  165. What are some good books for modeling
  166. How to modell fluid structure?
  167. Environment creation
  168. Hand modelling - what to do with the thumb
  169. beginner moder in need of some help
  170. my perspective camera in Maya is acting crazy.
  171. Cut Problem
  172. Trying to model a Christmas tree
  173. Boats?
  174. Quick Curves Problem
  175. A question about turbosmooth & meshsmooth
  176. Anime model that doesn't seem to have eyes build into the mesh?
  177. Feeling the pinch
  178. Modelling a low poly tree using alpha channels to make the texture for the leaves?
  179. On Screen Poly Count
  180. questions about maya
  181. How to increase sub division in primitive polys in Maya 2010?
  182. The Best Way In Re-creating This Style Of Hair
  183. How to model a low-poly tree?
  184. Maya Sub D Display Mode 3
  185. Help to model a xbox360
  186. Hard Edges on a Smooth Surface
  187. Help, modelling and mapping need technique
  188. -Free Models- How do the modellers feel about it?...
  189. how to create mesh( filter) ?
  190. How to make Stairs
  191. Greetings, Blue Print questions?
  192. Creating knots in cloth
  193. "Boolean" Smoothing out faces?
  194. Looking for FBI/CIA references...
  195. maya boolean problem
  196. Looking for 1600's to 1700's look
  197. Making Stairs Using Animation Snapshot
  198. request for character modeling tutorial
  199. Looking for a few good references drawings.
  200. Architectural modeling
  201. Need Help: Flexible but not stretchable
  202. What are the rules for Preparing model for sculpting
  203. Simplify Geometrie
  204. Please help, i dont know how to study anatomy!!
  205. Retopology workflow
  206. Max 2010 modeling question?
  207. JT format?
  208. Having trouble wit 3ds max 2009
  209. African head anatomy!
  210. Neutral Eye position
  211. Low poly chamfer rule?
  212. How to model Rocks & mountains In MAYA
  213. Annoying vertex welding problem
  214. Beach Scene
  215. request !
  216. Maya 2008 Help
  217. Maya Help (moving objects between scenes)
  218. Cutting Question?
  219. How to make a window the right way?
  220. Turning off Soft Modification in Maya 2009??
  221. what does a vehicle model need to know for games?
  222. 3d earth dots
  223. Low-Poly Female Body Topology (may have partial nudity)
  224. Car Modeling Software
  225. grouping objects in maya
  226. Image Plane Setting Problem
  227. Help with nCloth morphing car Interior
  228. Ocean water geometry?
  229. Having trouble with turbosmooth
  230. Illustrator spline lathe problem - colour banding
  231. Modeling question Please help!
  232. Spiral lofting in max
  233. Beginner Help: Jazzy extrusion?!
  234. A Noob needs some mesh help!
  235. How to model with references?
  236. Great detail with Low Poly
  237. Smooth lines between meshes?
  238. Why does a hard line come when I merge the vertices of two geometries together?
  239. Car Headlights help please
  240. aligning objects in maya
  241. Breaking things in Houdini (Voronoi, Rayfire)
  242. Edge flow problem
  243. Boolean into Hypershot
  244. Exporting breaks vertices
  245. Sword of Darkness Help
  246. Role of -smooth modifiers when creating hipoly model.
  247. Interior Modeling Advice
  248. Skewing When Rotating? Do Not Want
  249. High to Low Poly Question
  250. Just a simple ? about deleting history