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  1. Python Type Error: Execute expected int, not none
  2. Will COFFEE fade, to be replaced by Python?
  3. Python - Insert Object Under Parent but retain position ?
  4. adding keyframes to userdata using selection object?
  5. Sustainable Data in PyTag?
  6. adjusting GoZ script to work with Vray materials
  7. Python - get set camera
  8. How to align objects to surfaces smoothly via xpresso?
  9. [SCRIPT] Render/Load Icon broken
  10. Python Q - Material - Insert Texture Proc Noise?
  11. need xpresso help
  12. Any VisualStudio users in here?
  13. PluginMaker program : Need some testers
  14. python - replacing texture path
  15. c4d Help's xpresso Fan Tutorial ... how does it know that the units are rads/second
  16. Help! Trouble with Python code from Maxon
  17. Feed MoSpline Formula Field with Xpresso
  18. get name of document
  19. Making a plugin from a few objects with xpresso tags?
  20. Compiling Question for mac users
  21. Bitmap in gui
  22. Python - get set mograph clones
  23. Auto Switch and Tweak Mode scripts
  24. Need a little help altering an XPRESSO tag, creating evolution style arrows
  25. Python - Can't work out BaseList2D.SetKeyframeSelection()
  26. moving points randomly of a given maximum distance
  27. Xpresso : access Reference Parameter of Object Operator with UserData
  28. createTube plug-in for C4D
  29. how do i construct textures in xpresso
  30. SendModeringCommand()
  31. Simple script help
  32. How to access the layer shader
  33. XPresso Problem with hierarchy
  34. non-realtime_update_python_console
  35. Escape Sequence
  36. sizeof()
  37. Single undefined Xpresso breaks the whole setup. Is that normal?
  38. port of Python node
  39. Unicode error in for statement
  40. mini script help
  41. Select next/prev
  42. How do I do IF Values?
  43. python problem
  44. Xpresso and set selection problem
  45. Python - Stagger keyframes
  46. Split topics for clarity
  47. Voronoi Mesh Generator Cinema 4D R10
  48. Help scripting a jockey wheel
  49. Calculating signed angle between 2 vectors
  50. Keyframes in Xpresso?
  51. Getting texture paths from preferences using Python
  52. Py4D - BaseDraw
  53. need help on simple script
  54. Python and xpresso question
  55. TP Orbit around Particle
  56. Implicit type conversion
  57. Python tutorial or example code
  58. 4 spaces
  59. TP_Surface emitter and cloner
  60. axis center
  61. "Save project" Phyton
  62. Sticky keys?
  63. Construction plane
  64. Menu State Python
  65. Script Reset to Default in UserData?
  66. Operate on Selected Points in Xpresso
  67. xpresso driven camera with delay not working
  68. COFFEE: String to lower case
  69. COFFEE: String to integer
  70. Object Creation with Xpresso
  71. Dynamic water pouring into dynamic water
  72. EasyWalker finally released (Walkcycle Designer)
  73. Need some xpresso help with switch
  74. Sample bitmap colours..and a bit more..
  75. Referencing a command to a section of the manual ?
  76. Random Word String
  77. Linking Xrefs and Layers
  78. COFFEE Effector: change clone's parameters?
  79. Xpresso: active camera?
  80. C4D - Python - I'd buy the book!
  81. xpresso setup not working on R12
  82. Rotating a matrix about it's axes
  83. Polyfx and Xpresso?
  84. Bake COFFEE to key
  85. Introduction to scripting Tutorial
  86. Character Rig transfer from r11.5 to r12
  87. Python Functions and Classes Repository
  88. TP - realistic collision rotation - friction etc
  89. Self-balancing bicycle
  90. general automation
  91. Getting the pressed key with python?
  92. Force Py Generator to NOT update
  93. Xpresso Hierarchy
  94. Possible to set record dot with mouse alone?
  95. Duration of Spring ( Delay Effector )
  96. TP Volume Emitter: Change object and particles stay in object?
  97. PyDrawHelper
  98. MIDI effector plugin? If there isn't one already, what features would you want?
  99. The power of Xpesso
  100. TP follow multiple objects
  101. c4d_symbols.h Parser for Py4D
  102. setting Key Time via xpresso, or start/stop 0-100%
  103. Tag Node bug
  104. Problems displaying total number of particles
  105. New Tutorial:Beginners guide to C4D & C++
  106. Xpresso replacing all texture mats with a new one?
  107. Anyone wanna help me out with an animation toolset or Workflow script?
  108. Open Source Motion Capture system for C4D that utilizes the Microsoft Connect
  109. Py4D - Reproduceral Random Values
  110. TP Group Change Problem
  111. Render Region Xpresso
  112. How to Convert Events Into Reals.
  113. [Python] Changing Texture Path by script
  114. Convert vertex map to polygon selection
  115. Expresso: Iteration
  116. coffee - access editor camera
  117. Disabling user data
  118. Previous States + Iteration
  119. Train and Lorry set-up to follow spline
  120. Xpresso question
  121. Accessing Default Icons - COFFEE
  122. Py4D Tutorials
  123. XP or Coffee script help,please.
  124. Xpresso Problem
  125. How to generate .xgr files
  126. New R13 Python docs?
  127. Questions about Cinema 4d Scripts
  128. TPdeflector
  129. Sparse Keyframe script
  130. Thinking particles and dynamic. Rendering sparks
  131. Question about iteration
  132. C Motion Python
  133. Thinking Particle Kit
  134. acessing newly created object ?
  135. knife toggle script r13
  136. Set Keyframes via Python
  137. Execute OS command
  138. Envelope XPresso
  139. Xpresso Rotation node
  140. Python programming error
  141. Toggling View Options
  142. Custom Particle Modifiers / Forces ?
  143. Create a polygon object with python?
  144. Having trouble with "Create Script".
  145. IDE Python C4D
  146. Reset imported objects coordinates for proper rotation?
  147. Xpresso rendersettings to MoText?
  148. Question about the Xpresso
  149. Simple dlg with bitmap?
  150. Animating a pendulum clock?
  151. Grab Position Value From Object In A Link Field
  152. Xpresso & Priority issues
  153. Export FBX files
  154. Userdata: Drop-down menu with icon
  155. Fragmenting plane in TP driven by VertexMap
  156. Cloner Count confusion - Data Node
  157. Smart_Cam2
  158. Python help thread.
  159. Treat primitive as pointobject
  160. MG cloner/matrices in object mode and object types
  161. XPRESSO numbers issue
  162. Xpresso Dynamics Collision & Individual Object Access
  163. MoData Question - only in effectors?
  164. Noise node confusion.
  165. Positively ID-ing objects or containers
  166. CameraMatchCam2
  167. exec() in Python node script
  168. Python GUI: listviews
  169. Python - count children
  170. Xpresso Combination calculator
  171. Batch Automate Scripts
  172. Data trees: use Py or C4D objects, and what node structure to classify
  173. how can I get my coffee script to update results constantly?
  174. Counting cloner object children in Python
  175. variables/string operations problem
  176. Extrude polygon based on values (xpresso?)
  177. Edge selection to Opening?
  178. Question for TCA studios about script in scripts thread
  179. Access virtual children of TP Particle Geometry
  180. Python - Select Only Merged Objects
  181. c++ poly object?
  182. Python - align to spline
  183. Python: Set Font in MoText Object
  184. Condition switch?
  185. Unpredictable Script Manager Delete
  186. Different ways of setting AM Data
  187. Python version?
  188. Cheat Sheet would be handy for Matrices, Vectors etc
  189. Can you Instance a tag?
  190. How do I get the list of scene cameras?
  191. Python toggle anything
  192. Python - How to get layer colour from layer dict?
  193. Python - mute (toggle all icons on selected layer/s)
  194. python: change render engine
  195. PluginCafe - clarify
  196. Scripting the Naming Tool
  197. simple Python node, no error but not working
  198. Xpresso Tag on Default Object Not Working
  199. C4D animation via Python
  200. Checking Effectors
  201. Creating custom script?
  202. Apply different materials to objects inside hierarchy
  203. RGB Channel mixer?
  204. Python Spline Alternate Segment Help
  205. Disable an object?
  206. Python - Generator Object Edge to Spline
  207. Geneva Device
  208. Xpresso problem
  209. Python - Q: Vertex Maps
  210. How rotate ring particles
  211. Thinking Particles Creating Orbit Rotation
  212. Python GEN confusion
  213. Randomizing with Xpresso
  214. How to attach TP to dynamic clones position
  215. Xpresso animation offset
  216. TP emitter direction
  217. How to access length of morphed spline?
  218. Getting color value at point on surface
  219. Python generator commands
  220. Faces to Particles
  221. API to access Net Render queue
  222. Script to import data from file
  223. TP PyroCluster aniamtion popping
  224. Python Generator help please
  225. Controlling all children from a hierarchy
  226. C4D animating a building / structure growing
  227. AM Groups Side by Side - Possible?
  228. Activate the solo button on the selected layer in the layermanager using python code?
  229. Python Draw cross in viewport
  230. How do I suppress "Save As" dialogs when saving a C4D document?
  231. Can COFFEE check if a key exists on the current frame?
  232. Cell Division (once again)
  233. How do you reset a MonoFlop XPresso Node when the animation is rewound?
  234. Script to define strength of an userdata and keyframe it.
  235. PYTHON Script - Generator - Plugin example
  236. How to control a custom attribute with a Python Effector?
  237. Dynamics Proximity node
  238. Python Gen Arrow - chamfer only some points?
  239. 100% Vertex Calculator - Xpresso Object
  240. [COFFEE] Apply commands cycling the OM objects
  241. A few Python Generator Spline Primitives - WIP
  242. Pretty Basic Python Question
  243. Python Question : Insert Object on Multiple Selected Objects
  244. Two Free Open-Source Python Scripts
  245. Selecting the points after deleting a poly
  246. Expresso question
  247. Setting Position on Geo
  248. setting render frame range via coffee node
  249. Clearing several caches with one button
  250. Delete static tracks/channels