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  1. controlling joints with spline, help please
  2. txt files & xpresso
  3. problem with tp and particles distance
  4. CallCommand(?) Number differs/changes
  5. Camera Matrix Problem
  6. Iteration Path
  7. Is this a question for Xpresso?
  8. Coffee/getShaderContainer question
  9. Xpresso sound node to sound file
  10. kerning individual letters in mograph text-object
  11. Setting Post effect with script
  12. ghosting or onion scripts?
  13. Zero extrude Script
  14. Help an architect : script to reveal x,y,z position of points in 3d/2d windows
  15. COFFEE | pointprecision along a spline
  16. Distance from other particles?
  17. How to pass a Return char in XPresso?
  18. Creating a custom 'function' in XPresso
  19. Book page turn script for Cinema 4D 9 and up
  20. Polygon from 3 existing points
  21. Poly points to FFD points?
  22. Kill all Particles?
  23. Accessing the Layer Browser with COFFEE
  24. script for batch importing of files?
  25. Script to create circles tangent to each other
  26. Change tag(adding)
  27. Animating A Script
  28. Xpresso watch hands
  29. TP collision with a proxy object
  30. Help with TP dust on impact
  31. How to swap the Z position of two objects ?
  32. Script Manager - can it load previously-saved user scripts?
  33. Object Count
  34. Dangling Cables on Robot Arm
  35. Collision Normal to Emitter Orientation?
  36. Selective object rendering
  37. Xpresso Counter ( How to make ? )
  38. Merge script
  39. Attaching to deformed mesh
  40. Rubiks cube with Xpresso
  41. script manager help
  42. C.O.F.F.E.E.: Delayed Base Select Update
  43. Sound Effector with Xpresso
  44. accessing doc from Xpresso Coffee node
  45. Script desperately needed! :)
  46. Problem with MSVC 2008
  47. Adding Objects
  48. Need a script that selects the tool mode
  49. Iterations in Xpresso
  50. Viewport Problems
  51. Script: Update Selection Tags After Bevelling/Extruding
  52. COFFEE: Loading a Bruckshader f.ex.
  53. Need a little help with RealFlow import through XPresso
  54. Is this a useful script idea?
  55. individual particle targeting
  56. obj sequence into c4d?
  57. ScoobyCamTools review on C4Dcafe.com
  58. modifying / querying XPresso nodes
  59. Hierarchy node
  60. Theo Jansen Mech Update
  61. xpresso typewriter?
  62. need help in XPresso scripts
  63. Coffee Script: Toggle Saveframe
  64. Rotation Speed with start and stop frame with xpresso
  65. Need help: Particles sticking to object
  66. An Xpresso question so fast it'll give you wiplash!
  67. Choosing random text from a text file...
  68. Another problem with hierarchy mode
  69. split up RealFlow-Particles into different groups
  70. coffee or expresso?
  71. Script request. :-) Could be very useful
  72. Question / Plea: Quick-90-Rotate script?
  73. untriangulate as script
  74. Sneak Peek At The Introduction Of The Xpresso Book ;)
  75. Manipulate points in a polygonal object
  76. Script to call a plugin help
  77. variable item in combo box user data
  78. Color-schemes within C4d
  79. Write C4D Files
  80. Creating controls for Tags in the Attributes Panel?
  81. Getting COFFEE script to work on a render slave
  82. Convert poly faces to objects
  83. exporter plugin development interest
  84. recursively list materials?
  85. Swap UserData Script?
  86. need script for getting cameradata out of cinema
  87. Fan
  88. Display Filter Settings - Non-Scriptable?
  89. Size objects script (from Cinema 4D Scripts thread)
  90. New COFFEE plugin
  91. Understanding the COFFEE API when using the Script Editor
  92. Free XPresso Setup: Jump Along Spline
  93. xpresso Workflow for store data
  94. DeCaf is NOT dead.
  95. Moving BaseSelect of a PolygonObject
  96. OM Text Formatting script/plugin?
  97. Parenting an animated camera to a null object.
  98. GetActiveTag? Where can I find it?
  99. Get the "size" of a spline object?
  100. Script Request: unique names for clones
  101. TP Data to Coffee to TP Data
  102. Acess to the rendered image in the picture viewer?
  103. How to configurate the standard emitter more preciser?
  104. Updating texture references?
  105. TP - Particle lights flickering individual
  106. GetNameFromChild
  107. Wouldn't it be time Xpresso got the attention it deserved ?
  108. Xpresso and Render Settings
  109. Xpresso - How To Tell If An Object Is Selected
  110. Xpresso editor & attribute status don't match
  111. C4D R11 and MacOSX
  112. Script request: repeat last command
  113. Script Request: Merge Object into scene
  114. How to set execute coffee tag with a user data in xpresso?
  115. Object creation and the construction plane
  116. Iterator node
  117. 'auto' create point node from selection
  118. hierarchy node
  119. Linking multiple objects
  120. Coffee Wierdness
  121. exporting camera positions
  122. XPresso help needed with a festoon system
  123. Using Pcollision Event Reflection, how?
  124. Creating haze?
  125. Thinking Particles PPass - Multiple Uses
  126. TP experts please help (data channels)
  127. Drive Plugin _ Moving To The Next Level
  128. simple rotation HUD slider
  129. Help! Very simple scripts needed!
  130. Tp multi particle material slipping?
  131. R11, Thinking Particles, Deflector Node Problem
  132. Thinking Particles -- Need Advice
  133. help with render settings related script
  134. Simple object move script?
  135. hierarchy rearranger
  136. go trought objects and add X
  137. width and hight on mograph
  138. TP - access properties of individual parametric objects/particles?
  139. set particle colour at birth
  140. Xpresso Newb
  141. Thinking Particles Attracted to Walls/Polygons
  142. Transformation Matrix Functions
  143. high speed TP particles not sticking to surface?
  144. access to "visible in render" within coffee tag
  145. range mapper
  146. Xpresso controller for Hypernurbs subdivisions - free tutorial
  147. tp groups problem
  148. Particles destroy Polygon-Object
  149. Save and Load Poses to any object
  150. delay time
  151. Screen capture using mouse?
  152. Extending current C4D color picker capabilities?
  153. hijacking to ui
  154. TP Orientation & random Texture
  155. Select via C.O.F.F.E.E. node?
  156. c.o.f.f.e vs. sdk
  157. Open Source (C++) Plugins?
  158. CallCommand(14039) question
  159. link object visibility to another objects selection status
  160. Bake Texture xpresso script
  161. Learning C.O.F.F.E.E. - Script: Global_Gizmo_Fake
  162. blood vessel - pumping particles
  163. Automatic naming of instances
  164. how to copy a keyframed position w/ coffee
  165. Xpresso/Coffee to sample illumination levels
  166. Early DeCaf site
  167. channel script
  168. COFFE Node to read out Render Settings
  169. COFFEE Addendum (book 2) - Sneak Peek
  170. Xpresso & align to spline (two objects)
  171. TP: How to reject particles from particles on a surface and ...
  172. vector math for a bendy arm
  173. Thinking Particles - Stream of Flowers
  174. moving keyframes via xpresso
  175. Reset camera pivot
  176. Script to remove tracks and some objects?
  177. node for swapping 2 object on and off
  178. Vectors and quadrant issues...
  179. Developing C4D Plugin's
  180. Getting nth tag
  181. Xpresso Distance node and surface vs. object
  182. Xpresso file output
  183. Rotate like with the Rotate tool
  184. Point of intersection of two splines
  185. Expresso: use point normal
  186. TP Fragmenting Preset help?
  187. question to srek
  188. COFFEE: save/export as FBX from coffee?
  189. Data from Previous Frame? (Xpresso)
  190. Iteration conflict?
  191. parametric stairs
  192. Deformed point position in COFFEE
  193. communicating bw xpresso and coffee....
  194. Question to SDK literate
  195. Compiling Plugins
  196. SuperInstance
  197. Control multiple lights with a master
  198. Question about Priorities
  199. Move Keyframes with Coffee?
  200. Scripting like in Grasshopper for Rhino?
  201. I need to write Scripts in Script Manager.
  202. Nudge keys to specific frames with Coffee?
  203. How Hard (posible?) to make a script do this?
  204. What Are Your Main Difficulties In Coffee?
  205. simple xpresso / TP
  206. Control clones with Xpresso
  207. Window with operating hinge
  208. Thinking Particles Quandary
  209. moving object via expresso to random positions over time
  210. expresso editor isnt showing the full node name
  211. XPresso Matrix node messing up Scale
  212. xpresso question
  213. XP functions in COFFEE ?
  214. Xpresso Q- 3 point Spline deflection
  215. C4D interface question - commands to load specific layouts?
  216. Spline Instance with COFFEE or Expreso?
  217. Text file or XML into C4D?
  218. Blending Light Colors
  219. scripts for working with loops (edge/poly etc)
  220. turn off chamfermaker plugin script?
  221. new to thinking particles, have question
  222. Render Frame with coffee
  223. need to set my scale to 1 for all objects in the scene
  224. render tag scripts
  225. Specify which objects are detected?
  226. Xpresso collide and remember
  227. Urgent xpresso help needed
  228. How to know the Name of the object?
  229. Duplicate Xpresso behavior for multiple objects
  230. Linear Splines with the Range Mapper
  231. TP collision
  232. Adding Strings Help
  233. Move certain amount of units: How?
  234. load data into xpresso
  235. exclude single object in a cloner from light
  236. TP expresso question
  237. TP Psetdata doenst get the right alignment en fov
  238. TP Scale by Relative Position
  239. Possible to adjust spin after birth?
  240. Modifying the Tiled Camera to overlap tiles for automated stitching
  241. Who is a pro with C.O.F.F.E.E scripts writing
  242. Plugin Request :)
  243. Get and Set Keyframe Tangent Angles
  244. drop cube to the floor
  245. What's the difference?
  246. [Xpresso] Determine vertex position after Deformation
  247. lights attached to hair?
  248. Change material's noise type from User Data
  249. TP - how to attract particles to volume?
  250. "Drop it" script installation issue