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  1. Ray tracing for BSC project
  2. Help Newbie, Visibility test for texture mapping
  3. Adaptive Displacement Algorithm
  4. mixing prerendered HD video with live 3d
  5. C++ OpenGL drawing 2D Text with effects
  6. Is point inside mesh?
  7. comics to ipod tool?
  8. Netbeans and Maya API
  9. c# error
  10. Maya 2009 (64) and Visual Studio 2008
  11. 2D Normal Map Lighting
  12. Maya exporter @ xcode
  13. How do I make my sim go fast?
  14. Quartz 2D playing quicktime and exporting as quicktime?
  15. K-Means Image Segmentation
  16. K-Means Image Segmentation
  17. Maxscripting answers to 3dsmax pop up boxes that appear when you open a max file
  18. saving a custom QuickTime File based on the tacks of other QT files
  19. Advanced Scriptable / Programmable 2D Raster and Vector Graphics
  20. programming to support a particular graphics card/video capture card
  21. MAXON is Calling all Plugin Developers
  22. Maya2009 API Setup for VS2008
  23. Dark Age Version 0.4.758 Released!
  24. How to calculate center of mass for triangular mesh?
  25. MDGMessage::addForceUpdateCallback
  26. Creating a game using xna or somthing else?
  27. Need Help for rope+cloth simulation
  28. how to make a water splatter effect in cars
  29. New to programming
  30. Rush Submit Script??
  31. determine the FOV of a directx window
  32. zebra stripes analysis tool
  33. RiCurves and other Renderman Questions
  34. Flex Problem
  35. Flach CS3 Navigation Cue Point help
  36. render the object with animated visibility and motion blur is enabled (moved)
  37. The Chronicles of Nurnia: the Greeble, the Nurnie, and the algorithm
  38. IES Light Shader for Renderman
  39. a simple Question
  40. Vray Distributed rendering Spawner problem !!
  41. rendering Fog in renderman for maya ?
  42. C++ hang man tutorial I can't get working
  43. what kind of maths do i need to go into programming?
  44. Flash ActionScript 2 using the MoviClipLoader
  45. Multi-polygon beveling?
  46. ImageMagick and Visual Studio
  47. Map arbitrary triangle to unit-square
  48. vmp script
  49. Tone Mapping Shaders
  50. Walking animation on various terrains
  51. Kelvin Temperature to RGB
  52. Specific programing syntax rules/differences of HLSL vs CGFX
  53. ray-traced anastropic reflections
  54. RSL Guide errata anyone?
  55. Texture Painting plug-in for CrackArt (OpenSource)
  56. Blender help
  57. PS3 Prototype Rendering Engine : need avice from veterans
  58. Issues compiling OpenEXR 1.6.1 on Vista x64
  59. Idea for product specific CAD package
  60. Slim template and aovs
  61. Memory Concerns
  62. Video Memory : what can I do with it?
  63. Reversing the Graphic Pipeline
  64. Best game engine for procedural animation
  65. Question about .PNG
  66. Sword Trails
  67. Exposure filter code / algorithm
  68. Qt application in maya plugin?
  69. Direct3D?
  70. Math study for TD and CG Artists
  71. normal pass lambertian relight - dot product
  72. Detecting repetitive patterns in a single image
  73. Fluid liquid simulation in C++
  74. HLSL tutorials for someone completely new to programing?
  75. Emulating Blinn shading in OpenGL
  76. Particle Fluid Surfacing ...
  77. Polygonal mesh edge beveling
  78. Image filters
  79. Moving an Object Across Sphere Surface
  80. Setting Up Include & Lib directories in Vs C++
  81. About [Detail Preserving Continuum Simulation of Straight Hair
  82. Free Beta of Concurrency Debugging Tool
  83. Anyone implemented ,Marschner hair shading?
  84. Concurrency Debugging: Comparison of Race Detectors (Helgrind et al.) with Jinx
  85. Renderman: Smooth Rendering over two subd surfaces
  86. quick array question
  87. Programming Languages
  88. Remove specularity from multiple textures
  89. Creating objects
  90. Code samples for job applications
  91. PyMEL v/s Blender Python
  92. How to study about Graphics programming?
  93. Unable to find my .slo shaders...
  94. batch cmdline convert exr to other format (win32)
  95. problem with shadow rays in raytracer
  96. 3d Game programming
  97. Am i forced to learn C or C++ to be professional in scripting?
  98. Using Quaternions?
  99. Unwarping Mirror Ball
  100. Rendering with Natural Light
  101. Any idea where I can find the algorithm for jiggle deformer in maya?
  102. Need help getting glutKeyboardUpFunc to work with arrow keys
  103. GLUT function for detecting when key is held down
  104. Put Camera at Moving's Object's Position
  105. force maya to not update when executing script
  106. Translate a Maya Python API tutorial in english? (Create custom locator)
  107. Edge length
  108. Learning Shaders
  109. Chart software
  110. Maya Ribbon control script??.
  111. std error when compiling simple plugin
  112. Using objects with high incandescence as lights using Renderman?
  113. Need help Detecting Collision
  114. Organisng Game programming contest
  115. "bake" python script
  116. Renderman dPdu & dPdv
  117. Mel Scripting
  118. Flash Programming for cg content
  119. The YafaRay Project will apply this year to GSoC
  120. Problem with Biped "Bip01" motion blending
  121. Renderman Env light and custom shaders
  122. My fluid simulation
  123. Resizing Arrays in Cg.
  124. Volume Rendering in Renderman
  125. A little help with this code
  126. MEL in 2009 - External editor necessary?
  127. Centering a Flash Object
  128. Need guidebook for studying basic CG?
  129. MEL help
  130. shading: vector pointing in increasing u/v direction
  131. Loop Subdivision
  132. Hair system.
  133. reading raw 3d volumes?
  134. Dumb notepad++ question
  135. CUDA and ATI cards...
  136. Trying to do a simple Maya-Python Code
  137. Python Enviornment variable problem
  138. Volumetric billboards?
  139. Maya Py API Scripted Plugins: OK to use Class Instance Variables?
  140. Maya Plugin output
  141. SPH fluid simulation question and help
  142. Tablet picking(need your help)
  143. Zip a folder using MEL script
  144. Human perception of the RGB model
  145. 3Delight Renderman
  146. Getting 3delight to work with massive.
  147. vector with 4 components and matrix 4x4
  148. CHIP8/SCHIP Interpreter/Emulator
  149. Max Animation to Open GL Problem
  150. Budgeting for a 3D game
  151. RISpec and backend renderers
  152. OpenGLES 2.0 and rendering 3D objects
  153. Shader problem
  154. Maya QT Interface Designer
  155. Displacement with RenderMan
  156. Want to Access Subdivision UV in mental ray Shader
  157. Python - GUI modules ?
  158. Lighting set for RenderMan?
  159. MObject question???
  160. Processing - 3D Laser Scan Software
  161. Global orientation of objects on a surface
  162. Image Processing c++
  163. Content-aware scaling (or other recommendations)
  164. From Maya to Iphone
  165. Maya c++ Plugin error: (kInvalidParameter): Object is incompatible with this method
  166. Conversion between rotate orders
  167. fmm/fast sweeping of signed distance functions
  168. Apply Maya Expression to similarly named objects
  169. PyMel or Straight Python?
  170. 3dsmax 2011 to Deadline 3.1 SP1
  171. Nuke Python: Working with the DAG
  172. Python nuances that confuse me
  173. RSL: Cook Torrence question
  174. animation through script
  175. General Maxscript problem
  176. Quicktime for 64-bit?
  177. PolyEditUV erroring out in MAya 2011?
  178. One Man Band! Can i do it?
  179. ik solver plugin
  180. Maya Hair - SpiderWeb pythonScript
  181. Rotating a Vector
  182. Multiresolution in Tetrahedral meshes
  183. image data and node plugs
  184. Where to get Autodesk Plugin ID
  185. Best Graphics Card for 3D programs & Editing
  186. Resolution Gate Corners...
  187. Programmers For Hire (full Time) !
  188. Websites for Devs and TDs
  189. Using Maya model in openGL
  190. Fx Programming
  191. SVN: What do you prefer?
  192. renderman rsl
  193. Python not working
  194. MADAM(Modular Animation Digital Asset Management)
  195. Multithreading in Python on Softimage
  196. Mental ray shaders
  197. Python File Handling
  198. Setting env variables
  199. CG programing reel?
  200. What programing language?
  201. renderman shader writing practice
  202. [Application]FREE Image Sequence Player
  203. Renderman shader AOV
  204. Renderman lm2DMV shader
  205. Shader Writer Reel: How to
  206. GPU deformers
  207. Python OOP & Maya
  208. Best geo cache format for maya
  209. PBRT Rendering Irregularity
  210. 3d Asset Viewer
  211. Nuke coding
  212. boids (xmas, a tiny xmas present)
  213. 3DS Max Slow At Compiling DirectX Shader
  214. Problems with Multi Material
  215. Simplest polygon data file format?
  216. To Stitch or not to Stitch
  217. depth layer
  218. Accumulation of frames
  219. TEDx Pura Vida - Wheel of fortune WIP
  220. book for renderman shader writing
  221. Fluid Simulation Solvers
  222. error when loading compiled pug-in for maya 2011 on mac
  223. How to check "cout" result in maya?
  224. If you don't know how to start see this!
  225. Looking for advice
  226. Version control pipeline for small Maya house
  227. Using Wii tracking to create a true 3d experience?
  228. Max - open file thumbnail!!
  229. Generate displacement map
  230. Math problem
  231. renderman shader antialising
  232. 3d viewer?
  233. Where does a graphic programmer works?
  234. I really need a help on image processing
  235. Maya API & VS 2008, problem with Hello World
  236. Source code for 2D dymamic symbols.
  237. Cloth simulation in C++
  238. Standards for Bitangent vectors, normal maps, etc.
  239. FBX or COLLADA today
  240. 3d normal map texture require tangent space?
  241. Components of a transform matrix
  242. On the elegant linking of Art and Logic
  243. building boost
  244. How to render 3d smoke using PovRay
  245. Implementing corrosion in textures
  246. Convert a normal to a rotation
  247. libpolo - a lightweight graphics and network library for educational environments.
  248. mobile apps and autodesk software
  249. Softimage PIC files?
  250. Calculate Eye Vector